Health Administration

Name Title Credits School
HLTH 701 Health Administration and Management 3 School of Management
Managerial policies in the management of health care facilities, budgeting and cost effectiveness analysis, and development of health information systems.

HLTH 705 Alternate Systems of Health Care Delivery 3 School of Management
Methods of health care delivery and conditions imposed externally and internally in compliance with regulations and laws that relate to such institutions as health maintenance organizations, health care corporation, group practice clinics, prepaid health care organizations.

Prerequisite Course(s): Prerequisite: MGMT 601

HLTH 710 Current Problems in Health Care Administration 3 School of Management
Politics and economics of health care, national health insurance and risk factors and their effect on the economy. Providers of these services will be studied. Changing legislation relating to the operation and management of health care facilities.

Prerequisite Course(s): Prerequisite: MGMT 605

HLTH 720 Biomedical Statistics 3 School of Management
Medical and biological applications of statistical theory to the decision making process in the delivery of health care. The integration of biomedical statistical applications to the total management process.

Prerequisite Course(s): Prerequisite: QANT 601