Global Health

Name Title Credits School
GHTH 601 Critical Issues in Global Health 3 Interdisciplinary Graduate Ctr
In this course, student will examine the major preventative health issues affecting the world today. The course will be taught in a case-based-learning format that introduces health issues from a policy perspective in a case scenario. They will take in depth looks into the cultural and socioeconomic issues that affect the delivery and quality of healthcare in a global setting. Students will examine the role of communicable and non-communicable diseases affecting the health of people living in low to middle income countries. Initially, we will view specific illnesses in the context of their clinical, epidemiological and socioeconomic impact, and then broaden the perspective to examine the influence of preventative health strategies that address these diseases. Open to students in the Interdisciplinary Graduate Centers only.

GHTH 750 Global Health Fieldwork Practicum 3 Interdisciplinary Graduate Ctr
Upon successful completion of the coursework for the Certificate in Global Health, students will be eligible to undertake a Global Health Fieldwork Practicum at a preapproved supervised global health site. During the 4 week period students will be oriented and integrated into the health center, the ancillary operations, or preventative health project relevant to the individual's professional background to deliver health services under the supervision of the onsite faculty. Students will be expected to identify and involve themselves with an ongoing preventative health initiative in the first week of the experience, engage the projects objectives and implement proposals in cooperation with the project coordinator. By integrating oneself in the clinical and/or preventative health projects of a resource-poor environment, a student will expectantly understand the humanitarian and altruistic ideals that form the principles of preventative medicine. Open to students in the Interdisciplinary Graduate Centers only.

GHTH 770 Independent Research 3 Interdisciplinary Graduate Ctr
In the first week of the 4 week global clinical experience, students will be asked to identify a health problem or issue that would be an area of research interest for the duration of the rotation. Upon selection of a topic, the student will write a one-page proposal identifying its significance. For the duration of the month the student will follow a patient, health problem, or health-related project and observe the outcome of the case, development of the problem or project. At the conclusion of the month, student will be required to write a formal case or project report to describe the problem, the significance of the issue, and identify any preventative health strategies that may have addressed the problem. Individuals or groups may have the opportunity to implement their proposals with cooperation and approval of the host practicum site. The purpose of the Independent Research course is to introduce basic investigate and observational skills to candidates unfamiliar to research in a resource-poor environment. Open to students in the Interdisciplinary Graduate Centers only.