Engineering Tech & Comp Sci

Name Title Credits School
ETCS 600 Professional Practice 0 College of Eng & Comp Sciences
The Professional Practice course is a mandatory intensive course designed to help students gain the written and oral skills needed to communicate effectively in a constantly changing business environment and develop “soft” skills, such as listening skills, teamwork, collaborative decision making, and ethical behaviour, that employers are demanding. In this course students will learn to prepare, design, and evaluate various written documents used in the workplace. In addition, students will prepare and present oral presentation based on a research proposal.

ETCS 670 Internship for the Technical Professions 1 College of Eng & Comp Sciences
An integral part of the College of Engineering and Computing Science degree programs, this course provides students with an opportunity to work in a professional environment in areas appropriate to their field of study. To be eligible, students must be in good academic standing and the permission of his/ her chairperson. The grade is on a Pass/ Fail basis and is to be determined by the faculty advisor through assignments. This course will be in addition to the required courses for the degree. If work for the same company for internship, students can complete course requirements between semesters and/or subsequent semesters as long as they are registered for classes and maintain matriculation in the semester before and after the break. This course may be repeated. Classroom Hours- Laboratory and/ or Studio Hours- Course Credits: 1-0-1..