Engineering PhD

Name Title Credits School
ENGR 610 Introduction to PhD Studies in Engineering 2 College of Eng & Comp Sciences
This course will cover important topics for students pursuing a PhD in Engineering and is intended to expose them to the inherently interdisciplinary nature of complex, real-world problems for which their education is intended to address. Topics covered will include research methods, dissertation proposal writing, effective literature review, mechanics of PhD studies, research ethics, and career development. Students will be exposed to research areas underway by faculty in multiple disciplines. Practitioners from industry, as guest speakers will describe problems, projects, and engineering solutions that are inherently interdisciplinary in nature.

ENGR 800 Doctoral Seminar 1 College of Eng & Comp Sciences
This course will include presentations by invited speakers and/or faculty members, professional development sessions, and some PhD student presentations. The topics of presentations will vary with speakers. PhD students registered for the course will be required to give a presentation on their research in the class.

ENGR 860 Independent Research 1 College of Eng & Comp Sciences
This course is devoted to independent research for PhD student. Work is carried out under supervision of a graduate school faculty member and must be approved by the chairperson of ECE/ME department.

ENGR 861 PhD Dissertation 1 College of Eng & Comp Sciences
Development and implementation of original research. After completion of preliminary dissertation proposal, candidates must continue to register for this course to maintain candidacy until the completed dissertation is submitted.