Design Graphics

Name Title Credits School
DGIM 601 Multimedia Production Tools 3 College of Arts & Sciences
This course introduces the student to image, text, animation, digital audio, and video in multimedia products like CD ROMs and Web sites. The focus is the use of the computer as a media development system. Students focus on message design using text and graphics, and explore the computer's potential in telecommunications and new forms of media content. The development of the Internet as a resource for education, communications, advertising and public relations is also explored. All students create a personal Web page. This class is required of all Communication Arts graduate students.

DGIM 610 Graduate Art Studio 2 College of Arts & Sciences
This course constitutes the heart of the specialization in the studio art areas. The media of these courses include the traditional studio materials such as painting, printmaking, sculpture, etc., or any combination of these. As in most graduate studio courses, the work is done on an independent study basis under the direction of assigned graduate faculty.

DGIM 700 Advertising Design I 3 College of Arts & Sciences
This course focuses on the foundations of computer graphics in advertising and public relations, with an emphasis on the process of developing digital images. Topics included are preparation, input, manipulation, display, and output of these digital images.

Prerequisite Course(s): Prerequisite: DGIM 601

DGIM 705 Multimedia I 3 College of Arts & Sciences
This course focuses on the design and implementation of interactive computer projects. Students work with Macromedia Director to produce their own interactive presentations including moving images, graphics, animation and sound. Interactive design issues, aesthetic issues, and technical considerations for multimedia are discussed.

Prerequisite Course(s): Prerequisite: ANIM 650 or DGIM 601

DGIM 740 Digital Effects I 3 College of Arts & Sciences
This course places students in realistic postproduction situations in which they solve challenges faced daily by special effects artists. Topics include color correction, paint, text, and action.

Prerequisite Course(s): Prerequisite: PROD 601 and TEVE 760. Co-requisite: DGIM 640.

DGIM 755 Multimedia II 3 College of Arts & Sciences
This course covers more advanced scripting in Director and Photoshop by building on the skills developed in Multimedia I. Aesthetics and technical considerations are discussed. Students gain skills in developing digital resumes, graphics, and animation they have produced with an eye toward developing their own multimedia portfolio projects. The course provides basic experience for students wanting to create elements for multimedia and Web design.

Prerequisite Course(s): Prerequisite: DGIM 705

DGIM 757 Special Effects 3 College of Arts & Sciences
Students use After Effects for composing video footage and still images and creating 2D animation and special effects. Storyboarding, compression, and the rendering process are examined in depth.

Prerequisite Course(s): Prerequisite: DGIM 601 and TEVE 760

DGIM 759 Multimedia Web Design 3 College of Arts & Sciences
This class focuses on creating small effective movies, using streaming media and interactivity. Internet scripting is explored along with HTML. Topics include file compression, Shockwave, Flash and multimedia plug-ins.