Business Subjects

Name Title Credits School
BUSI 510 Business Research Methods 1.5 School of Management
This course emphasizes application of quantitative methodologies to support managerial decision making through problem identification, research design including data collection methodologies, analytical techniques for data analysis, and report preparation.

BUSI 600 Educational Testing Service Major Field Exam 0 School of Management
All students must complete the Educational Testing Service (ETS) Major Field Test (MFT) upon admission into the MBA program. A passing grade is issued upon the completion of the test, which assesses incoming student competencies across the following business disciplines: marketing, management, finance, accounting, international business, information technology, legal and regulatory environment of business, ethics and social responsibility in business, statistical analysis, managerial economics, and e-commerce.

BUSI 610 Professional Development Seminar 0 School of Management
This preparatory course addresses select professional skills that are requisite to success for the MBA student, and include seminars and workshops in public speaking, business writing, teamwork, critical thinking and business research.

BUSI 615 Corporate Venturing 3 School of Management
An interdisciplinary course between the School of Management and School of Engineering and Computing Sciences intended to advance student understanding of corporate venturing (intrapreneurship). Classroom Hours- Laboratory and/or Studio Hours- Course Credits: 3-0-3

BUSI 650 Business Analytics & Decision Making 3 School of Management
This course discusses the integration of data analytics and modeling to support businesses, non-profits, and governments towards gaining insight and strengthening decision-making ability. Students will develop predictive and prescriptive capabilities using data mining and simulation techniques through case studies and also use optimization techniques to support decision-making in the presence of uncertainty and a large set of alternatives. Focus will be on applying these techniques to different functional areas of business including operations, marketing, finance, and strategic planning.

Prerequisite Course(s): Prerequisite: FINC 601, MRKT 620, QANT 630

BUSI 740 Global Strategy 3 School of Management
Students will be exposed to critical elements of a firm's external operating environment that provide a foundation for developing an executable and successful strategy within the global business landscape.

Prerequisite Course(s): Prerequisite: MGMT 630

BUSI 750 Global Strategy II 3 School of Management
Students will explore critical elements of the internal environment of firms that, when combined with critical elements of the external environment, can serve as a foundation for developing an executable and successful global firm strategy.

Prerequisite Course(s): Prerequisite: BUSI 740