Art (Grad Thesis)

Name Title Credits School
ARTU 862 Thesis Production I 4 School of Arch & Design
In this course, all thesis candidates must develop and execute their Thesis Project. NYIT's academic and research facilities function as the studio for the student allowing for the creation and actualization of innovative digital projects. Faculty guide the student through the production process and aid in planning, development and creation of the thesis project.

Prerequisite Course(s): Prerequisites: ARTC 851 or ARTC 852 or ARTC 853

ARTU 872 Thesis Production II 4 School of Arch & Design
In this course, students will continue work on the production of all of the aspects of their Thesis Project, as defined in the Thesis Proposal approved by the faculty. Students will work independently, and will meet regularly and individually with their professor

Prerequisite Course(s): Prerequisite: ARTU 862