Art (History)

Name Title Credits School
ARTH 601 History of Art and Technology 3 College of Arts & Sciences
History of Art and Technology is a survey course that explores the relationship between emerging technologies and the influence on the artistic perspective. Topics include: The use of tools, new materials, processes of production, mass communication, new products, inventions, and applications that were originally envisioned to be utilized in an industrial society and how they are now applied in the creation of artwork. The course will also cover the impact that artists have made on the technical world, particularly through the disciplines of printmaking, photography, film, and digital visualization.

ARTH 602 Aesthetics and Theory 3 College of Arts & Sciences
Aesthetics and Theory focuses on the philosophical questions that relate to the creation of the content and context of image-making, performance and interactive artistic experiences. Topics include theoretical outlines that examine the mimetic, expressive, and formalistic categories of the plastic arts. Readings include critical essays, manifestos, and historical perspectives of art theory.

ARTH 651 Contemporary Art 3 College of Arts & Sciences
Contemporary Art in Context reviews the current state of the digital art culture. Artists and designers who are actively working with the latest technologies present a personal and up-close perspective of their work in a lecture and demonstration format. Selected artists will be invited to participate in a live distance-learning or online classroom visit.