Art (Graphics)

Name Title Credits School
ARTG 601 Content in Design 3 School of Arch & Design
Content in design is the balance of the unique needs and problems of a project with the most efficient and appropriate delivery system. It often does this in complex development environments, which can be antithetical to design. What is content in the role of the designer in a media-rich landscape? How are qualities and poetries maintained within budgets and quantities? How does the designer add value in a process that is negotiated between client demand, technical complexity, and designer authorship? We investigate these issues within the discipline of Web and graphic design and by interacting with disciplines beyond them. This course uses a project model to develop various strategies to engage, manipulate, and extend content in the design environment. It encourages the use of historical perspective, theoretical texts on design, and contemporary design practice. Students will design and develop conceptual models and working practices to elucidate and elaborate content in design.

ARTG 602 Design for Print 3 School of Arch & Design
This course offers an in-depth look at the design and production issues of working for print. We take on several print projects throughout the semester. Each project is brought to culmination in a proof stage while the final project is actually brought to production. Students will design and develop both the conceptual and practical approaches for developing short- and long-run projects with a special eye toward quality maintenance and developing relationships with producers. We will discuss proofing and prototyping for the various production systems, color management, workflow management, dead line management, and special client issues. We will visit printing facilities, custom design houses, and independent design shops, and meet with various types of print designers. Each project will include outside critics and evaluators who will act as a customer and critic of the final project. Each project is carefully nurtured through the production schedule from creation to layout to collecting for output, to proofing and prototyping to production and archiving.

ARTG 603 Production Issues for Print 3 School of Arch & Design
Through theory and practicum, we will study the various ways that print is produced. We will visit production houses, print studios, and print designers to research and explore all of the difficult ways that print is developed, managed, and executed. We will consider these issues in small, medium and large scales and with a focus on client communication and workflow.

ARTG 605 Design Process 3 School of Arch & Design
The course studies the process by which ideas are made real. Through readings, case studies, brainstorming sessions, hands-on exercises and real world projects, students will un-clock creative blocks and focus on the principles, guidelines, best practices, and problem-solving tactics towards the creation of purposeful and innovative design. Classroom Hours- Laboratory and/or Studio Hours-Course Credits: 1-3-3

ARTG 610 Type and Layout 3 School of Arch & Design
The course is a study of the elements and principles fundamental to typographic design and sophisticated layout systems utilized in print and electronic publishing. Letterforms legibility, meaning, composition, hierarchy, and digital typesetting are investigated towards the creation of industry-driven projects. Classroom Hours- Laboratory and.or Studio Hours- Course Credits: 1-3-3

ARTG 651 Interactive Design 3 School of Arch & Design
This class is designed to teach students the conceptual and practical approaches to design interface systems for computer and human interaction. This class will explore the realm of human behavior as we investigate the design mechanisms of computer human interaction in everyday life. Students will learn theories of psychology and engineering to create effective ergonomic design. This class will promote an understanding of the mechanics of interactive devices and integrated computer systems.

ARTG 653 Exhibition Design 3 School of Arch & Design
Students will explore the variety of possibilities for multi­dimensional physical display systems used in public spaces. Billboards, video­walls, information kiosks and exhibition spaces will be covered. Students will design and develop both the conceptual and practical approaches for strategic display systems for communication on a grand scale. Design models will be created in addition to feasibility statements and production reports.

ARTG 701 Illustration 3 School of Arch & Design
Digital image making, manipulation, and file management are covered as fundamental concepts of digital illustration. Students learn the core technologies for image creation and input, image manipulation, and enhancement. Starting with traditional drawing exercises and progressing to drawing with both bitmap and vector drawing programs, students will learn techniques and applications basic to computer illustration. Assignments will provide inspiration for the artist to develop his or her own signature style. Critiques and class discussions will help establish a vital link with the traditional arts environment while developing digital techniques.

ARTG 751 Information Design 3 School of Arch & Design
Edward Tufte introduced quantitative design to a larger audience in the 1980s and 1990s. His perspective was so fresh and his examples so distinct that for a while it seemed that he had invented information design. As it turns out, he is one analyst in a list of historically rich and diverse authors to deal with the subject. Information design is the idea that symbols can contain valuable information that is often time- and context-sensitive. We will study various issues of information design.

Prerequisite Course(s): Prerequisite; ARTG 605, Corequisite: ARTG 610