Art (Experimental Studio)

Name Title Credits School
ARTF 601 Graduate Art Studio: Experimental Media/Performance/Installation 3 School of Arch & Design
Experimental media includes performance and installation art. This course investigates multiple approaches to the creation of content that cannot fit within static disciplines. Content will be further developed as an end experience, as a product. The history of performance can be clearly documented and studied within this course. Students will develop theoretical practice, responding to and developing a contemporary sense of content as expressed in experimental media. Resources include the use of digital, electric, and electronic tools but not limited to their employ. Students will be encouraged to seek sites and activities beyond the traditional walls of the academy.

ARTF 652 Advanced Experimental Media/Performance/Installation 3 School of Arch & Design
The application of computer technologies and digital media has been applied as a fine art medium in various ways, from audiovisual presentations and gallery installations to interactive museum exhibitions. This class will explore the conceptual elements of applied technologies and the experimentation of the physical presentation. The technological demands of including machinery in artwork will be assessed. Students will be expected to design and develop conceptual models and a working design prototype for each of their projects. In­class presentation and group critique and discussion will promote the dialog and understanding of technological based artwork.

Prerequisite Course(s): Prerequisite: ARTF 601