Art (Audio & Video)

Name Title Credits School
ARTE 701 Digital Audio 3 School of Arch & Design
This class offers a practical approach in using digital audio for production of Web, video and animation projects. Students will learn the tools for capturing and editing sound. Class time will be allocated for lectures, demonstrations, and project production. Step-by-step in-class tutorials will provide students with the opportunity to learn professional techniques in developing audio projects to accentuate their visual projects.

ARTE 801 Digital Compositing and Visual Effects 3 School of Arch & Design
This class will survey the tools and techniques used by high-end animation houses to create visual effects for broadcast, animation and films. Topics covered include visual effects workflow, image processing, creating mattes, tracking, and compositing.

Prerequisite Course(s): Prerequisite: ARTA 701

ARTE 851 Motion Graphics Design 3 School of Arch & Design
This class is designed to teach students the industry-standard applications for creating motion graphics, title and optical effects for broadcast and animation. Using state-of-the-art software, students will combine their graphic arts and design skills to develop conceptual and practical approaches to projects specific to time-based screen presentations. This introductory course will stretch the student's knowledge to develop both the conceptual and practical approaches to visual problem-solving specific to screen time-based presentations. Assignments will be given for a range of applied design and production including broadcast design, station IDs, Intros and openers, titles and credits, bumpers and trailers.

Prerequisite Course(s): Prerequisites: ARTG 605, ARTG 610

ARTE 861 Graphics in Video and Film 3 School of Arch & Design