Art (Research)

Name Title Credits School
ARTB 601 Business Practice 3 College of Arts & Sciences
This course examines all of the issues of running a small one-person graphic design shop. It includes everything from preparing tax returns, writing a business plan, creating an accounting system, documenting billable hours, marketing yourself as a designer, keeping the source books, archiving projects, proofing and production equipment, and computers and network problems, maintaining a competitive design strategy, creating and maintaining client relationships, how to write thank you letters, examining legal strategies, understanding the designer's risk, and many other issues. We will discuss in detail each of these issues with an eye to exposing the designer to all of the issues of doing business as a designer.

ARTB 651 Critical Thinking and Writing About the Arts 3 College of Arts & Sciences
Critical Thinking and Writing about the Arts prepares the student in developing the skills necessary to communicate her/his aesthetic concepts in a formal written paper. The ability to concretely state one's views in a clear and concise manner is an asset when analyzing the complexity of one's subjective realm. Assignments include exercises that focus on critical thinking, appropriate vocabulary, meaning, definitions, clarity and objective perspective.

ARTB 701 Business of Computer Graphics and Animation 3 College of Arts & Sciences
This course covers the essentials that every computer animator needs to know to enter into the work force. This intensive workshop investigates the requirements needed to apply for a job in the very competitive field of 3-D animation. Work includes the production of a demo reel, portfolio, resume and press kit. Topics and techniques for marketing and self-promotion are covered during lectures.

ARTB 702 Graduate Research Assistantship 3 College of Arts & Sciences
Each graduate student will coordinate with their thesis advisory committee to obtain an assistantship, internship, or externship to work directly with artists or appropriate industry professionals. Results of work experiences gained will be reviewed and discussed in depth with thesis advisors.

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ARTB 751 Professional Critiques 2 College of Arts & Sciences
Graduate students attend lectures of visiting artists/designers/animators, then arrange to meet individually with the visiting professionals for critiques of their thesis projects in progress. Results of these critiques are discussed in depth with thesis advisors.