Art (Research)

Name Title Credits School
ARTB 651 Critical Thinking and Writing About the Arts 3 School of Arch & Design
Critical Thinking and Writing about the Arts prepares the student in developing the skills necessary to communicate her/his aesthetic concepts in a formal written paper. The ability to concretely state one's views in a clear and concise manner is an asset when analyzing the complexity of one's subjective realm. Assignments include exercises that focus on critical thinking, appropriate vocabulary, meaning, definitions, clarity and objective perspective.

ARTB 702 Graduate Academic Internship 3 School of Arch & Design
This course aligns practice and theory of academic study and gives students the opportunity to gain relevant experience and develop professional networks. Students may apply skills learned in the classroom in real world settings while developing new ones. This is a repeatable class.

ARTB 751 Professional Critiques 2 School of Arch & Design
Graduate students attend lectures of visiting artists/designers/animators, then arrange to meet individually with the visiting professionals for critiques of their thesis projects in progress. Results of these critiques are discussed in depth with thesis advisors.

ARTB 801 Business of Creative Industries 3 School of Arch & Design
This course examines the fundamental issues of running a creative business and the essential skills that every digital artist and designer needs to be equipped with to enter the marketplace.