Name Title Credits School
ANIM 601 Introduction to Animation 3 College of Arts & Sciences
This course focuses on developments of the past 50 years in techniques and styles in traditional hand-drawn animation and mixed media animation. Animated films and films about animation are screened and discussed. Previous illustration training is not required.

ANIM 650 3-D Animation I 3 College of Arts & Sciences
This course introduces students to Silicon Graphic workstations, the UNIX operating system, and Soft image 3-D. Students learn the fundamentals of modeling, animation, shading, lighting, and rendering. Students will produce their own 3-D environments and apply texture to their objects.

ANIM 700 3-D Animation II 3 College of Arts & Sciences
This production course introduces Softimage's more advanced animation and modeling tools. The focus is on motion and character animation. Students produce animation and record on tape. More advanced modeling tools and motion editing are demonstrated.

Prerequisite Course(s): Prerequisite: ANIM 650

ANIM 750 Computer Graphics Animation 4 College of Arts & Sciences
This hands-on studio course offers project-oriented interaction with a multi-plane computer animation system. Preparation includes concept, content, and process development. Production includes image capture, image making, and spreadsheet layout. Recording and editing are also part of the course. The possibility of broadcast projects exists.

Prerequisite Course(s): Prerequisite: ANIM 700