Name Title Credits School
ADVG 660 Advertising Copywriting 3 College of Arts & Sciences
This course examines the business, craft, and creative process of writing advertising copy. Conducted in a combined lecture and laboratory format, students are assigned weekly creative and text assignments. Classroom critiquing and individual reviews of draft copy help impart a thorough grounding in advertising creativity. Students work on the integration of the verbal and graphic components in imaginative concepts, supported by coherent, entertaining, and persuasive text, all resting on a carefully devised foundation of sound strategy.

ADVG 670 Media Planning and Buying 3 College of Arts & Sciences
This course provides an understanding of the central position of media planning and buying in campaign development, as well as analysis of the organization and the purpose of the media plan. Discussion focuses on the rates and sources of information, evaluation of representative media, problems of coverage costs, duplication and scheduling, and the media sales process.

ADVG 700 Strategic Advertising Campaigns 3 College of Arts & Sciences
This advanced course studies advertising from the consumer's perspective, using a case study approach. The focus is on the different ways that advertisers and consumers view advertising, and how advertising campaigns are planned and executed to account for these differences.

Prerequisite Course(s): Prerequisite: PREL 620

ADVG 710 Advanced Topics Seminar 3 College of Arts & Sciences
This seminar deals with current issues in advertising and public relations. Specific issues and course context vary in response to developments in the field. Among the topics covered in the course are: global advertising, direct response advertising, integrated marketing communications, sales promotion, business-to-business advertising, and events marketing.