Name Title Credits School
ACCT 501 Accounting I 1.5 School of Management
A study of accounting fundamentals. Topics include the accounting cycle, statement preparation, systems, asset valuations, accounting concepts and principles for the sole proprietorship.

ACCT 510 Managerial Accounting 1.5 School of Management
Special emphasis is placed on the collection and interpretation of data for managerial decision-making purposes. A study is made of cost concepts used in planning and control, cost-profit-volume analysis, and budgeting.

Prerequisite Course(s): Prerequisite: ACCT 501 or a waiver

ACCT 610 Accounting Analysis 1.5 School of Management
A required core class in financial accounting analysis, covering a selected number of topics.

Prerequisite Course(s): Prerequisite: ACCT 501 and ACCT 510 or a waiver

ACCT 710 Fed Taxation II 3 School of Management
A study of federal tax structure as it applies to entities. Topics covered include: The taxation of corporations, its operations, distributions are complete liquidations, S corporation, partnerships, not for profit entities, and the taxation of gifts, trusts and estates. This course will include elements of research ethics, communication, and the preparation of tax forms.

Prerequisite Course(s): Prerequisite: ACCT 610

ACCT 713 Financial Statement Analysis 3 School of Management
An in-depth analysis of financial reporting from a user's perspective, using financial statement information and related disclosures to evaluate the underlying economics of a firm. Emphasis is placed on the assessment of a firm's past and current performance, the concept of quality of earnings, and approaches to valuation. Other topics include: basic accounting principles, key elements of financial reporting regulations as set out in the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), and the relationship if the financial statement information to various legal documents and business transactions. Readings and case studies applied to provide a contemporary prospective.

Prerequisite Course(s): Prerequisite: ACCT 501 and (FINC 501 or waiver)

ACCT 721 Advanced Financial Accounting 3 School of Management
Accounting concepts are combined with accounting practice and methods in order to provide a comprehensive presentation of the discipline of financial reporting. Specific topics covered include: accounting for inventory, property, plant and equipment, intangible assets, bonds, pensions, the cash flow statement, shareholders' equity and revenue recognition, International Financial Reporting Standards, and its similarities and differences with the US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles will also be examined.

Prerequisite Course(s): Prerequisite: ACCT 610

ACCT 731 Computer-Based Auditing and Research 3 School of Management
This course examines issues relevant to planning and conduction IT (Information Technology) audit and control activities. The course covers the following conceptual areas: business risks and the management of business risk, IT risk as a component of business risk, the need to manage IT risks, and basic type of controls required in a business system in order to control IT risks. Issues associated with new risks created by the use of the internet for business applications ad electronic business are also covered.

Prerequisite Course(s): Prerequisite: ACCT 411 or ACCT 610 or ACCT 725

ACCT 732 Not-For Profit Accounting 3 School of Management
A study of accounting principles, procedures and reporting requirements as they apply to governmental units and to private non-profit organizations. Areas covered will include governmental units, hospitals, universities, and other public sector entities.

Prerequisite Course(s): Prerequisite: ACCT 501 or a waiver