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Reviewer Guidelines and Rubric

The following are points of consideration for reviewers. These are a selection of values, not requirements:

  • Experiential learning opportunities are supported by reflection, critical analysis, and synthesis.
  • Projects should revolve around unique channels of inquiry. Proposals should not depend wholly on established guidelines from a third-party organization or NYIT-affiliated academic course.
  • Learners are engaged intellectually, emotionally, socially, and/or physically. This involvement produces a perception that the learning task is authentic.
  • Projects display originality and creativity, and may reflect boldness and some intellectual and emotional risk-taking.
  • Projects should promote self-awareness, the continuum through which students develop a mature, integrated identity with a systemic understanding of the interrelationships among the self, local and broad communities, and the natural and physical world.
  • Through the proposed project, the student develops the ability to apply an integrated and systemic understanding of the interrelationships between contemporary and past challenges facing cultures, societies, and the natural world on the local and global levels.
  • Projects with multiple participants should promote the best practices of business and personal collaboration.
  • Applications should also be assessed by the potential for return on investment. Consider to what extent the dollar value requested/awarded will contribute to the student’s transformative learning experience.

official rubric