Government Relations and High-Profile Events

High-Profile Events

Government Relations Policy

External Affairs advances New York Institute of Technology’s mission and strategic objectives by:

  1. Initiating, cultivating and managing relationships with government leaders and other public officials,
  2. Advocating for legislation and policies that align with institutional priorities, and
  3. Supporting community engagement efforts.

To this end, the office staff:

  • Work with legislators and policymakers at the federal, state and local level to secure grants and develop and advance other opportunities that bring external resources to New York Tech
  • Monitor and respond to bills and regulations that affect research and capital project funding, student aid and scholarships, the status of international students, and other institutional priorities

Any member of the New York Tech community (faculty, student or staff) who plans to invite a local or foreign government official to New York Tech as a guest speaker in a class or to a conference or event must contact the External Affairs at about such plans at least eight weeks in advance.


View New York Tech’s policy on Interaction with Government Officials (login required).

High-Profile Events Policy

High-profile events hosted in-person or online by New York Institute of Technology often require special arrangements with the media, proper publicity, intricate event logistics, and additional protocol or security measures (when in-person).

The primary purpose of this policy is to ensure that visits from, and/or partnerships with, distinguished individuals, delegations, and organizations are appropriately coordinated and publicized. The policy applies to all New York Tech students, faculty, staff, and third-party co-sponsors/partners organizing events at or with New York Tech.

High-profile events are defined as any event that involves:

  • A visit to New York Tech by government and/or high-ranking public officials (in addition to heads of state, this often includes former U.S. and foreign heads of state, ambassadors, senators, cabinet-level ministers, political leaders and royalty).
  • A visit by a prominent or controversial figure (including household-name celebrities and influencers).
  • A visit by high-profile New York Tech stakeholders, including trustees, alumni, potential benefactors, and major donors.
  • A partnership with high-profile external organizations (e.g. leading technology company; organizations such as the United Nations, or top-rated foundation).

We urge you to:

  1. Please complete this form at least eight weeks in advance of your guest’s appearance.
  2. Consult with and alert External Affairs BEFORE extending invitations to high-profile dignitaries as defined above. We will offer guidance and support regarding procedures for issuing such invitations.

The purpose of alerting External Affairs prior to engaging your speaker is to:

  • Ensure that another group has not already issued an invitation to the same individual(s).
  • Confirm there are no competing invitations once your invitation has been extended.
  • Alert the Office of the General Counsel (OGC) of the visit for reporting reasons.
  • Alert the President/Provost and other VIPs, as appropriate, of the visit.
  • Determine whether the President should personally invite the individual in question and what level of participation is called for.