NYIT management student standing in front of technical presentation

Triple Platforms of Excellence

Our Triple Platforms of Excellence take business education beyond the classroom to give you the professional and personal skills you’ll need to succeed in today’s evolving global marketplace. Each platform—Professional Enrichment, Experiential Education, and Student Advancement—is grounded in real-world management experiences. You’ll apply knowledge learned in actual business environments, build your professional network, and develop skills that top executives use every day.

NYIT’s School of Management offers young entrepreneurs all the tools in the toolbox to succeed upon graduation, including a rehearsal of the ever-important “elevator pitch.”

NYIT’s School of Management offers young entrepreneurs all the tools in the toolbox to succeed upon graduation, including a rehearsal of the ever-important “elevator pitch.”

The Triple Platforms of Excellence are incorporated into our TEMPOS campaign and are open to all NYIT School of Management students. Through our Triple Platforms of Excellence, you will gain unique perspectives that go beyond traditional business education—and put lessons learned into practice.

Professional Enrichment

New York Tech’s Professional Enrichment Program is designed to make your transition from the classroom to the board room as seamless as possible. Through workshops and seminars, we help you build business skills every executive needs, such as:

  • creating professional social media pages
  • best practices in developing your professional network
  • enhancing your personal brand with an online portfolio
  • identifying and discussing emerging business trends with industry leaders
  • writing and communicating with colleagues
  • refining your interview skills and business etiquette

Experiential Education

Our Experiential Education Program adopts a “learning by doing” approach as you devise business solutions for real-world scenarios. These opportunities place you in the global marketplace as you strategize with classmates, faculty, and executives in applying classroom learning. Experiential opportunities include:

  • competing in the Fed Challenge, where you’ll present a strategy affecting monetary policy, interest rates, and other economic matters to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York
  • offering small-group consulting to local businesses
  • participating in International Workshop and study abroad programs in Germany, India, the Netherlands, France, and Singapore

Student Advancement

Our Student Advancement Program is all about getting out there in the field and meeting with leading business executives, building professional relationships and leadership skills, and getting a feel for how global companies operate. Examples include:

  • gaining a mentor who can provide personalized guidance that matches your career goals
  • joining on-campus business clubs and honor societies
  • participating in the Student Advisory Board to help steer future academic programs within the NYIT School of Management
  • pursuing leadership opportunities in industry associations
  • spending time in the offices of top New York City companies to get a feel for their corporate cultures
  • taking field trips to Wall Street, the Federal Reserve Bank, the Museum of American Finance, and the New York Stock Exchange
  • visiting the United Nations to talk with ambassadors and diplomats about world trends