Creating Business and Entrepreneurship Education

NYIT School of Management is pleased to welcome all of our “stakeholders,” including our students, to join us in Creating TEMPOS … in Business and Entrepreneurship Education. Our school“s TEMPOS campaign signals our ongoing commitment to excellence in:

  • Integrating Technology throughout our academic curriculum so as to enhance the decision-making abilities of our students in ways that are competitive and contemporary.

  • Delivering a significant and unique Experiential Education program that includes academic service learning, intense student research, internships, study abroad programs, and numerous other platforms meant to ensure the workforce readiness of our students when entering the workforce.

  • Familiarizing our students with current global challenges and effective entrepreneurial business practices to mainstream them into today's highly competitive International Marketplace.

  • Attending Professional Enrichment of our students through their integration into our professional enrichment best-practice program. This program, which sponsors seminars and workshops each semester, addresses emerging issues in business practices and also develops skill sets that impact on our students’ professional polish.

  • Developing programs that are Career-Oriented towards placement and advancement and that focus on the application of theory into established and creative business management techniques and practices.

  • Focusing on Student Advancement through the ongoing assessment and continuous improvement of our academic programs, including meeting established benchmarks of excellence in terms of student learning outcomes by way of our programmatic learning goals.

Go beyond traditional teaching, classrooms, and homework. With TEMPOS, you’ll learn business because you’ll do business.

To learn more about TEMPOS, email