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iNTEREST Series: Introduction to Blockchain Technology

May 18, 2023
1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Since the introduction and subsequent rise of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin over the past decade, there has also been a rise in interest in blockchain technology applications for various industry sectors. This seminar will introduce participants to the background and history of blockchain technology, the discussion surrounding both private and public blockchain solutions, the creation of smart contracts, and the various considerations an organization must when implementing blockchain. Participants will be exposed to the key components and processes of a blockchain system and the various commercial providers that support blockchain endeavors.

This lecture series is designed to introduce you to a variety of high-demand technologies associated with dedicated career paths, including Cisco Packet Tracer, C#, Java, Raspberry Pi, Microsoft Visual Studio and SQL Server, Python, and Kali Linux, as well as introductions to cybersecurity, blockchain technology, and command line usage in Windows and Linux.

The iNTEREST Lecture Series is hosted by the Entrepreneurship & Technology Innovation Center (ETIC) at the College of Engineering and Computing Sciences. It is designed to introduce attendees to a variety of high-demand technologies associated with dedicated career paths. All sessions will be recorded and uploaded to the ETIC YouTube channel.