Research at School of Engineering & Computing Sciences

Participating in research projects expands your NYIT education far beyond the classroom. Working side by side our expert faculty you’ll learn to:

  • work in collaborative, team-focused environments
  • identify your areas of interest under the guidance of faculty mentors
  • develop critical thinking, problem solving, and presentation skills
  • foster inter- and cross-disciplinary approaches
  • gain professional experiences that will advance your career as a researcher

Research Projects

Our patent-winning faculty are working on cutting-edge research funded by internal and external grants. Recent projects include:


Using Xbox Kinect Based Sensory Technology for Patient Therapy

In collaboration with the Kennedy Krieger Institute, this project designs therapeutic game software for children with cerebral palsy using the XBox Kinect motion control system.

Primary investigator: Richard Simpson, Ph.D.


Smartphone Security and Mobile Network Research

To analyze methods of securing smartphones and their networks, researchers simulate malware spread in these devices, evaluate authentication schemes, study topology control of wireless networks, identify the geographic location of smartphones, and develop privacy controls as it relates to medical data.

Primary investigator: Ziqian (Cecilia) Dong, Ph.D.


Hand Movement, Orientation, and Grasp (H-MOG)

A New Behavioral Modality for Active Authentication of Smartphone Users: Researches a new non-cooperative behavioral modality using “touch-burst” and “cognitive-pause” modes to continuously authenticate users of smartphones.

Primary investigators: Kiran S. Balagani, Ph.D. and Paolo Gasti, Ph.D.


Performance-Based Research-Wireless Sensing of Gastric Electrical Activity

Develops and evaluates a multi-channel hybrid wireless implantable system that can serve as a gastro-stimulator and recorder.

Primary investigator: Aydin Farajidavar, Ph.D.


Design and Development of a Suite of Keyboard-based Biometrics for an Active Authentication System

This project collects effective keyboard-based biometric algorithms that analyze free text input to capture the unique mechanics of how a user types (atomic keystroke dynamics), the unique aspects of how the user composes text and uses language (cogni-linguistic features), and the demographic classifications to which the user belongs.

Primary investigator: Kiran S. Balagani, Ph.D.


Eco-Partnerships on Groundwater Monitoring, Protection, and Training

NYIT and Peking University are developing innovations in sustainable groundwater supply and protection in China, ranging from technology in groundwater monitoring, pollution control, and remediation to improved training for groundwater management.

Primary investigator: Nada Anid, Ph.D.


Infrared Spectral Modeling for Gas Temperature

In collaboration with Advanced Fuel Research, NYIT researchers are developing spectral modeling software, create an optimal algorithm, and estimate performance.

Primary investigator: James Scire, Ph.D.


Model-Based Software for Configuring Single-Switch Scanning Systems

With a grant from the National Institutes of Health, researchers evaluate software used by clinicians and individuals with disabilities who use single-switch assistive technology.

Primary investigator: Richard Simpson, Ph.D.


Clean Water Matters: Challenges and Research Perspectives Workshop

Researchers in China and the United States seek to address water challenges affecting both nations, with potential applicability to other regions of the world.

Primary investigator: Nada Anid, Ph.D.


Traffic Prediction using Wireless Cellular Networks

Analyzes how mobile devices can provide traffic parameter data and be used to receive real-time traffic information using mobile applications.

Primary investigator: Sabiha Wadoo, Ph.D.