Leadership Certificate Program

This program supports the mission of the College of Engineering and Computing Sciences and serves to strengthen our goal-oriented students, assisting them in the development of a strong sense of self and the cultivation of their business, interpersonal, and leadership skills. Upon completion, students will be equipped with the fundamentals needed to pursue graduate studies and prepared to join the workforce.

All students in the College of Engineering and Computing Sciences are eligible to apply (honors students should apply to the Honors Certificate Program). Once you complete your requirements, email your form to shessast@nyit.edu. A certificate will be awarded shortly after.

Program Registration

Note: Registration must be completed within the first three weeks of the semester.

Benefits of Participation

  • Immerse yourself in campus activities you may not have considered
  • Learn to lead, motivate, and communicate with others
  • Receive a certificate of completion, demonstrating your leadership experience

Certificate Requirements

Core Courses (Two of each, four in total is required)
  • Leadership: Introduces you to different leadership theories to help you understand which style suits your best.
  • Communication: Helps you understand the basics of organizational communication; how your personality contributes to your communication style; and how to communicate with different personalities.

Elective Workshops (Eight sessions required)
  • Career Development
    • Public Speaking
    • Resume Building
  • Interpersonal Skills
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Team Building and Conflict Management
  • Community
    • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Other Topics of Interest
  • Club Involvement: If you demonstrate a commitment to a club on campus, you could be eligible for credit in an elective course. You must serve on the club’s executive board (e-board) for at least one year or participate in club activities. Involvement will be cross-referenced with faculty advisors and e-board members.

CAMPUS Mentoring program

Community Service Hours (40 hours)
  • Discover a new sense of community by participating in opportunities shared by New York Tech or those you’ve sought out based on your interests. Complete your unpaid community service at one or more locations through the Consultants for the Public Good program by creating a “Give Pulse” program. Create your free “Give Pulse” account and join our certification program-specific group where all hours will be logged and referenced upon the completion of your program.

Contact Us

Sarah Hessasta, Student Engagement Coordinator