Teresa Ingenito received her Master of Science in Physical Therapy from Long Island University in 1988. Upon graduation, she worked in critical care in several hospitals on Long Island. During this time, she began working as an adjunct professor in several doctorate programs. Ingenito continued her work in hospitals and outpatient facilities specializing in cardiac care, creating several inpatient and outpatient cardiac rehabilitation programs throughout Long Island. She returned to school and received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Arcadia University in 2012.

Teri teaches cardiopulmonary physical therapy at New York Tech and at several other PT programs in New York. She also teaches clinical medicine, pharmacology in rehabilitation, pathophysiology, and advanced practice, and is a lab assistant in such courses as evaluation and diagnosis, and modalities. Ingenito also conducts acute/critical care lectures for other faculty in the program and has joined faculty in the nursing program to create a simulation suctioning lab for physical therapy students.

Teri's areas of research are in cardiovascular and pulmonary effects on exercise, and the efficiency of monitoring devices for exercise, and has created an app for HR monitoring awaiting approval. She recently began research on exercise for COVID-19 patients.

Ingenito is also very active in her community, coaching, fundraising for various causes, and supporting a local school team via the parent booster club.

Research Projects

  • Ingenito T, Cloud A, Gerdes K,. Ramdairei B, Solomita C, Spirdigliozzi S , Steinbergin J: To Determine if the Arm-R-Cize Protocol has Positive Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Effects for Post Covid Patients.
  • Ingenito T B. Caizzo, B. Alacron, D. Burdi, S. Foxman, K. King, K. Smith: To Determine the Acute Cardiovascular Effects of the Arm-R-Cize Protocol in Smokers and Non-Smokers Ages.
  • Ingenito T; D. Beyer, S. Obeidat, C. Rizzacasa, L.Santos, D, Seepersad, H. Solomon; To Determine the Acute cardiovascular Effects of the Arm-R-Cize Protocol.
  • Ingenito T; M. Azer, R. Kennedy, S. Mazzarisi, K. Mullany, A. Mullins, S. Saini, A. Wang: The Development of Ex THR Application for Accurate Self-Monitoring of Target Heart Rate Range During Independent Exercise.

Selected Publications

  • Gugliotti M; Ingenito T; Douris P; Garrick R; Mathew B; Paul A; Epinfania J; Asaro A; Kartsev G; Lin Y: The Examination of Arterial Stiffness and Neurodynamics of Middle Aged Individuals. Cardiopulm Phys Ther J. 2017;28:147–153.
  • Ingenito T, Paler J, Hoffer M, Southard V: The Effects of Nintendo® Wii Bowling Game on Balance in Aging Adults. Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Research. 2016:1(2):23–26.
  • Ingenito T: Low Level Light Therapy and Tattoos: A Case Report. Journal of Bodywork & Movement Therapies 2016:20:748–750.
  • Douris P, Ingenito T, Piccirillo B; Herbst M, Petrizzo, J, Cherian V, McCutchan C, Burke C, Stamatinos G, Jung M.; Martial Art Training Attenuates Arterial Stiffness in Middle Aged Adults. Asian J Sports Med: Vol 4(No.3), Sept 2013.


  • ACLS: Certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support, 1994 – Present
  • BLS: Certified Instructor in Basic Life Support, 1994 – Present

Honors and Awards

  • Certificate of Recognition: Touro College, School of Health Professions, Bayshore, New York; May 2020.
  • Distinguished Service Award: New York Institute of Technology, School of Health Professions, Old Westbury, New York; September 10, 2012.
  • Standard of Excellence Award: New York Institute of Technology, School of Health Professions, Old Westbury, New York; September 14, 2009.
  • Award for Outstanding Teaching: New York Institute of Technology, School of Health Professions, Old Westbury, New York; September 3, 2008.

Courses Taught at New York Tech

  • PHTH 680 Clinical Medicine
  • PHTH 715 Pharmacology in Rehabilitation
  • PHTH 720 Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy
  • PHTH 665 Pathophysiology
  • PHTH 875 Advanced Practice
  • PHTH 615 Modalities – Lab instructor
  • PHTH 685 Evaluation and Diagnosis – Lab instructor
  • PHTH 780 Research II – Faculty Research Mentor
  • PHTH 790 Research III – Faculty Research Mentor

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