Sara Winter is certified from the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants. She is a graduate of the inaugural MSPA class at New York Institute of Technology, with healthcare experience as a Speech Language Pathologist and clinical PA-C in the fields of Neurosurgery, Emergency Medicine and Primary Care. Sara has researched and published on mental health, clinical practice and point of care ultrasound. She has been awarded multiple mental health research grants. She is an active member of the National Alliance for Mental Illness, Society for Point of Care Ultrasound, a Mental Health First Aid Instructor, and practices clinically on Long Island.

Recent Projects and Research

  • 2020–2023; $10,000+, Principal Investigator, Mental Health First Aid, PA Foundation, IMPACT grant

Selected Publications

  • Marshall, S., Winter, S., Capobianco, J.D., 2022. Lymphatic osteopathic manipulative treatment reduces duration of deltoid soreness after Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. J Osteopath Med; 122(3): 153–157.
  • Simon, E., Ahmed, A.Z., Winter, S., 2021. Protein S Deficiency and Thrombosis: Selected Case Studies. The Clinical Advisor.
  • Wolf, C., Ahmed, A.Z., Schmidt, G. and Winter, S., 2020. Predictors of Attrition Among Accelerated and Traditional Physician Assistant Students. The Journal of Physician Assistant Education, 31(4), pp.204–206.
  • Winter, S. 2019. Difficult Diagnosis: What's Causing This Patient's Stiff Neck? Journal of the American Academy of Physician Assistants. 32(12):54–56.

Professional Honors and Awards

  • Women Empowerment Mental Health Partnership. Principal Recipient, Grant Initiative Funding. The National Council and Kate Spade NY Foundation, 2022
  • Outstanding Service Award, NYIT School of Health Professions, 2022
  • Student Engagement Award, NYIT Department of PA Studies, 2019

Courses Taught at New York Tech

  • PHAS 601 Advanced Anatomy
  • PHAS 611 Clinical Medicine II (Endocrine)
  • PHAS 613 Clinical Medicine III (Neurology, Geriatrics)
  • PHAS 622 Clinical Skills I
  • PHAS 623 Clinical Skills II
  • PHAS 627 Clinical Skills III
  • PHAS 635 Behavioral Medicine
  • PHAS 680 Clinical Decision Making
  • PHAS 690 Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Strategies
  • PHAS 754 Comprehensive Assessment for Clinical Practice
  • Master's Capstone Project Mentor
  • Clinical Year Faculty
  • Point of Care Ultrasound Faculty

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