Mark Gugliotti, associate professor of physical therapy in the School of Health Professions, teaches orthopedic manual therapy and massage and is a health care associate and researcher at New York Tech Center for eSports Medicine. He is also the owner of Joint Effort Therapeutics PT which provides home care, consultation services, and continuing education seminars. He has published in the peer reviewed journals Rehabilitation Oncology and Journal of Manual and Manipulative Therapy. Gugliotti has also published an auto-biographical account of his cancer experience entitled Victor Not Victim: My Battle with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Gugliotti’s research interests include rehabilitation oncology, manual therapy, neurodynamics, postural ergonomics, and eSports. He also oversees the campus-wide "Posture Patrol" initiative committed to assisting faculty and staff members adopt a healthier and more ergonomic workstation environment.

In 1995, Gugliotti graduated from the Hogeschool Enschede in The Netherlands, where he studied physical therapy. Prior to that, he earned his bachelor of science degree in exercise physiology at the University of Connecticut. He has taken numerous continuing education courses with the specialty of orthopedic manual therapy. Completion of several of these courses earned Gugliotti his master of science degree in Advanced Orthopedic Physical Therapy and his transitional-Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Touro College. He has also earned the distinction of being an Orthopedic Certified Specialist (OCS) and a Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist (COMT).

Recent Projects/Research

  • Complete text revision of Spinal Manual Therapy. An introduction to Soft Tissue Mobilization, Spinal Manipulation, and Therapeutic & Home Exercises. 2nd edition. 2010: SLACK Publishing; Thorofare, NJ.
  • Book chapter on posture/pathology in Esports. Human Kinetics; Champaign, IL.


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Honors & Awards

  • 2012 Outstanding Teaching Award New York Tech
  • TLT Grant awarded in 2016 to fund collaborative research project to design and fabricate an innovative technological simulation device to assist physical therapy students in developing their spinal palpation skills and diagnosing select spinal dysfunction. Awarded $4,861 for 1 year. Lead PI: Mark Gugliotti, Co-PI: Richard Simpson.
  • ISRC Grant awarded in 2013 to fund collaborative research project investigating alternative means of ulnar nerve tension bias used in treatment in orthopedic manual therapy. Awarded $4,125 for 1 year. Lead PI: Mark Gugliotti, Co-PI's: Bennett Futterman and Robert Hill.

Courses I Teach/Have Taught at New York Tech

  • PHTH 620: Massage
  • PHTH 695: Manual Therapy 1-Peripheral Joints
  • PHTH 730: Manual Therapy 2-Introduction to Spine
  • PHTH 780: Manual Therapy 3-Advanced Spine
  • PHTH 875: Advanced Practice
  • PHTH 685: Evaluation and Differential Diagnosis

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