Minaz Fazal received her Ph.D. In Educational Psychology and Technology at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles. She is experienced in working and collaborating with K-12 public and charter schools, supporting teachers in developing and implementing differentiated blended learning strategies. Fazal has worked with principals and teachers in developing instructional vision and professional development plans for effective data-guided blended learning practices, with special emphasis on the role of student agency and competency-based progression.

Fazal’s research interests focus on the use of authentic assessment and ePortfolios to demonstrate competency, developing a comprehensive methodology beyond test scores to evaluate the impact of blended learning, and the role of student agency in advancing learning. Her specific area of strength is in assessment, and she is working on several projects that require developing assessment and evaluation strategies.

Recent Projects/Research

  • Developing comprehensive evaluation methodology to measure impact of blended learning
  • Algebra as gateway to college readiness
  • College and middle school student collaboration for online mentoring in writing
  • Leveraging technology for teacher training in developing countries - low–bandwidth/high-impact strategies


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Courses I Teach/Have Taught at NYIT

  • Research Methods and Assessment
  • Educational Research and Evaluation
  • Field Project
  • Human Growth, Development and Learning
  • Curriculum Design and Development

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