Kevin O’Sullivan is an active member of the full-time faculty of the School of Management. He researches and teaches in the area of organizational dynamics, a combination of organizational behavior, knowledge management, systems analysis, and design and technology. His research focus is on the agile organization and dynamic organizational structures that utilize human capital and technology and transcend cultural bounds. He is published in numerous academic journal as well as authoring book, book chapters and conference proceedings.

Publications  or Presentations

  • Mohammed, M. S., Mohammed, M. A. and O'Sullivan, K. J. (forthcoming) "Empirical evaluation of ICT capacity building for sustainable development;" VINE: Journal of Information and Knowledge Management Systems.
  • O'Sullivan, K. J. and Garas, S. (2011) "Corporate social responsibility within the realm of the Islamic financial institution ecosystem;" International Journal of Knowledge-Based Organizations (IJKBO) (Accepted).
  • Harris, P., O'Sullivan, K. J. and Bobb, L. (2011) "The costs of inventory reserves inherent in LIFO;" The Institute for Business and Finance Research Conference 6 (1): 825; Las Vegas, NE; January 2-5.
  • Mohammed, M. S., Mohammed, M. A., O'Sullivan, K. J. (2010) "Information and communication technology (ICT) policy: a quantitative assessment for sustainable development;" Journal of Information and Knowledge Management 9(3):227-239.
  • Rhoads, E., O'Sullivan, K. J. and Stankosky, M. (2010) "An evaluation of factors that influence the success of knowledge management practices in US federal agencies;" in Jennex and Smolnik (Eds.) Strategies for Knowledge Management Success: Exploring Organizational Efficacy; Information Science Reference, Hershey, PA: 74-90.

Courses Taught at New York Tech

  • BUSI-740: Global Strategy
  • MGMT-740: Knowledge Management
  • MGMT-605: Organizational Behavior
  • INTL-740: International Business

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