Prabhakar holds the terminal degree (Ph.D.) in Management (2007) from Sri Krishnadevaraya University, an M.B.A. in Management, and bachelor's degrees in Law and Mathematics. His previous teaching experience includes five years as assistant professor in the School of Management at New York Tech campuses in Amman and Abu Dhabi from 2008–2013, and as associate professor at the Abu Dhabi and New York City campuses from 2013–2021. Prabhakar currently serves as the M.B.A. program director and the director of Accreditation Maintenance and Impact and is a member of the Continuity of Operations Leadership Team (COLT) at the School of Management. At the Abu Dhabi campus, Prabhakar served as the assistant dean for the School of Management from 2013 to 2018, during which time the school achieved initial accreditation and maintained accreditation from the Commission for Academic Accreditation (UAE: BSBA and MBA). He successfully led the schools' efforts when the School of Management (Abu Dhabi campus) earned initial AACSB accreditation, and also maintained their AACSB accreditation status, without deferral or contingencies, following their 5-year periodic Continuous Improvement Review (January 2020). He also serves on New York Tech's Strategic Three-Year Planning committee that oversees the strategic planning of the university.

In the past five years, Prabhakar has seven (7) publications, one (1) in ICSID Review (Q2), two (2) publications in the International Journal of Law and Management (Q2), one (1) in the Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education, two (2) in the International Journal of Knowledge Management (KM) studies and one (1) in Applied Solar Energy. His research focus is on learning, knowledge conversion processes, labor-friendly practices that maximize value, and the influence of organizational culture dimensions on KM among others. Prabhakar's current research includes research submissions in leadership and engagement in schools, influence of performance feedback, effectiveness of KM infrastructure, impacts of resource inadequacy on social engagement, and decision-making influences on sustainability. Prabhakar has active collaboration with researchers across universities and has presented at academic conferences and workshops. His paper "Influences of Distributed Leadership on Teamwork and Services in HEIs" won him the Best Paper Award at The International Conference on Organization and Management (2017).

Prabhakar has taught Multinational Business Management, Strategic Leadership Capstone, Cyber Law, Policy and Ethics and the Practicum for M.B.A. students, and Business Policy and Strategy Capstone, Strategic Technology Management, Business Research & Innovation, Organizational Behavior, Knowledge Management, and Small Business Management for B.S.B.A. students. He is also the recipient of the Distinguished School of Management Faculty Teaching Award (2021), Dean's Distinguished Service Award (2021), Outstanding Contribution to Industry Engagement Award (2020), and the South Ural State University award, BRICS Model (2020). Prabhakar has worked on several curriculum sub-committees contributing to modifications to management concentration and achieving STEM for the M.B.A. program. He has also been active in modularization and development of several online courses and micro-credentials. Prabhakar delivered invited lectures on Organizational Behavior topics (2014) and Knowledge Management topics (2015) at the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU), Vladivostok. He also delivered a lecture on "Insights on Strategic HR Analytics" at the Atal Faculty Development Program on Technology Management through "Business Intelligence and Data Analytics," Aurora's PG College, 2021. He has also delivered lectures on organizational behavior topics, time management and organized workshops on small business entrepreneurship in collaboration with Higher Education Institutions across UAE and India.

Since 2010, Prabhakar has led students teams in 10 different industry consultations including companies Nicholson Ranch LLC-USA, Barnard Herold & Co. Inc-USA, Herold & Lantern Investments-USA, MapMyIndia-India, KIMS-Bahrain, ElrinKlinger-USA, Gear Motions Inc-USA, Bin Butti Group-UAE, and Ministry of Labor-Jordan. His engagements have resulted in internship opportunities for students while mobilizing impactful improvements for these industry partners.

Recent Projects and Research

  • Prabhakar, G., September – December 2020, Consulting Industry project for Nicholson Ranch LLC., USA: Digital Marketing and Business Development during COVID-19 and the California Fires.
  • Prabhakar, G., January – May 2020, Consulting Industry project for Bernard Herold & Co. Inc., USA: M&A Integration Strategies, resulted in two internships offered for Seline Solberg and Pranay Khore (M.B.A. students) during Summer 2020
  • Prabhakar, G., January – May 2020, Consulting Industry project for Herold & Lantern Investments USA: Technology Integrations for Herold & Lantern Investments.
  • Prabhakar, G., January – May 2020, Consulting Industry project for MapMyIndia, India: Business Development Strategies for MapMyIndia.
  • Prabhakar, G., Co-authored Case study for KIMS Bahrain, adjudicated students' presentation for the Corporate Challenge Case competition, Spring 2020.
  • Prabhakar, G., January – May 2020, Ongoing Consulting Industry project for ElrinKlinger USA Inc., Materials Handling and logistics management.
  • Prabhakar, G., September – December 2019, Consulting industry project for Gear Motions Inc. USA: Strategy, Culture and Communications.

Selected Publications and Presentations

  • Tareq Nail Al-Tawil, Prabhakar Gantasala, Hassan Younies (2021). "The Potential Impact of the new UAE Foreign Direct Investment Law and Side Agreements," ICSID Review, Foreign Investment Law Journal (Accepted for publication) (Oxford University Press, Q2 SCIMAGO).
  • Prabhakar G., Bhargavi, S.G., Tareq Al Tawil, Prerana P. (2021) Quality of learning experience, Student satisfaction and Perceived overall experience in the COVID-19 context. Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education (Accepted for publication). (Emerald, Q3 SCIMAGO).
  • Tareq Al Tawil, Younies, H., Prabhakar G. (2021) Labour-Friendly Practices and Value Maximization: a SEM approach. International Journal of Law and Management (Accepted for publication). (Emerald, Q2 SCIMAGO).
  • Prabhakar, G. V., Larisa Savinkina (2018). Knowledge conversion processes and organizational performance. International Journal of Knowledge Management Studies. (13th on the Global List of Journals publishing in the field of Knowledge Management) (Inderscience, Q3 SCIMAGO).
  • Tareq Nail Al-Tawil, Prabhakar Gantasala, Hassan Younies (2018). "The benefits and disadvantages of the law on the expansion of the jurisdiction of the DIFC Court," International Journal of Law and Management, (Impact factor 0.68). (Emerald, Q2 SCIMAGO).
  • Prabhakar, G. V., Larisa Savinkina, Ramesh Reddy, Bhargavi, S. G., Sailaja Ankireddy (2018). Influence of Organizational culture dimensions on Knowledge management processes in Higher Educational institutions. International Journal of Knowledge Management Studies. (13th on the Global List of Journals publishing in the field of Knowledge Management) (Inderscience, SCIMAGO Q3).
  • Prabhakar, G. V. (2016). Solar Augmentation of Power Plants in the UAE. Applied Solar Energy, 52(4), 271–277. (Impact factor 0.880) (Springer, SCIMAGO Q3).
  • Prabhakar, G. V., Ali Yaseen (2016). Decision-making styles and leadership: evidence from the UAE. International Journal of Management Development, 1(4), 287–306.
  • Prabhakar, G. V. (2016). Teamwork in Higher Education: an exploratory study in an UAE University. Strategic Management Quarterly, 4(1), 16–40.
  • Prabhakar, G. V., & Swetha Reddy, G. (2016). Employee Engagement in the IT Industry Evidence from India. Strategic Management Quarterly, 4(1), 61–86.
  • Prabhakar, G. V., & Rami Wahib Brnia (2016). Ambulatory healthcare staffs' perception of the influence of training on performance. European Journal of Training and Development Studies, 3(3), 17–36.
  • Prabhakar, G. V., Wafaa Diab & Bhargavi, S. G. (2016). Transformational Leadership and Corporate Social Responsibility: the UAE experience. Review of Contemporary Business Research, 5(1).
  • Prabhakar, G. V. (2015). Complexity Leadership and Knowledge Management in Higher Education. International Journal of Social, Behavioral, Educational, Economic, Business and Industrial Engineering, 9(1), 707–714.

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Courses Taught at New York Tech

M.B.A. Program
  • BUSIE 702 Practicum (Field Work)
  • BUSIE 702 Practicum (Field Work)
  • MGMT 735 Multinational Business Management
  • MGMT 650 Strategic Leadership Capstone
  • MGMT 706 Cyber Law, Policy and Ethics
B.S.B.A. Program
  • MGMTE 480 Management Practicum
  • BUSI 435 Business Policy & Strategy Capstone
  • MGMT 425 Strategic Technology Management
  • BUSI 405 Business Research and Innovation
  • MGMT 370 Organizational Behavior
  • MGMT 311 Knowledge Management
  • SBES 310 Small Business Management
  • MGMT 102 Principles of Management
  • MGMT 102 Principles of Management (online)

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