Climate change has simplified sustainable design. For the time being, sustainability is a quantity not an emotion, and climate change is the new gravity: a physical design constraint plain and simple. Snell believes that the fun part is that, as designers, architects get to "save the world," but only if they can generate form and performance simultaneously.

Clarke Snell's contribution works to develop and apply sustainable and resilient building systems toward a zero-resource architecture. He splits his efforts between (1) applying research into low-tech, high-performance materials, assemblies, and systems to the design and construction of small buildings and their micro-climates with the goal of repeatable and quantifiable reductions in project carbon footprint; and (2) developing architectural workflows that allow performance modeling and simulation to inform form making. To solve perhaps the most exciting design challenge since fire, Snell believes that architects need engineering in their form and art in their algorithms.

Snell is a licensed architect, holds a Master of Architecture from the University of North Carolina (Charlotte), and has experience in construction as a builder and designer as the principal of his own residential design and consulting firm. He has written three books and numerous articles on topics related to sustainable design. In academia, he has taught a variety of studios and core courses in both architecture and engineering and has conducted research that covers a wide range of topics from developing and testing low-tech low-carbon building envelopes, to investigations in high-performance low-carbon material science, to methodologies for teaching sustainable design. His design/build work with students features two Solar Decathlon competitions including the 2015 winning entry.

Recent Projects and Research

  • Deep dive into building performance modeling in the context of architectural education.

Selected Publications

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Courses Taught at New York Tech

  • Building Technology sequence

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