Raja Nag obtained his Ph.D. in Finance from the University of Connecticut. Prior to joining New York Tech, he was a Professor of finance at University of New Haven. He has published papers in Real Estate Economics, Journal of Real Estate Finance & Economics, Real Estate Finance, Journal of Real Estate Portfolio Management, Journal of Business and Economics Research, Journal of Applied Business Research, International Business and Economics Research Journal, and Applied Financial Economics. He is also an ad hoc referee of several peer reviewed journals, and has presented in numerous conferences.

Recent Projects/Research

  • Asset valuation
  • Capital structure
  • Corporate finance
  • IPOs
  • REITs
  • SEOs

Publications or Presentations

  • Nag, R., Kaushik, N, Upadhyaya, K.P. (forthcoming) "Oil prices and real exchange rate: the case of India;" International Business and Economics Research Journal.
  • Nag, R., Mir, R., Mir, A. (2014) "Revisiting the offshoring debate: an organizational economics perspective;" Eastern Academy of Management (EAM) Conference; May 7-10; Newport, RI.
  • Nag, R., Ejara, D. & Upadhyaya, K. (2012) "Opinion polls and the stock market: Evidence from the 2008 U.S. Presidential elections;" Applied Financial Economics 22(6):437-443.
  • Nag, R., Dhakal, D., Pradhan, G. & Upadhyaya, K.  (2010) "Exchange rate volatility and foreign direct investment: Evidence from East Asian countries;" International Business and Economics Research Journal 9(7):121-128.
  • Nag, R., Mir, R. & Mir A. (2010) "Seeds and food or bits and bytes: An institutional critique of corporate Neoliberalism;" Eastern Academy of Management (EAM) Proceedings: 112-142; Portland, ME.

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