Carol Caico received her Ph.D. in Health and Human Services, and a master’s in Clinical Counseling. Her specialties include: women’s health nurse practitioner, psychiatric mental health Clinical Specialist, menopause clinician, and pediatric palliative care, Perinatal Bereavement Certification, and sexual assault Nurse Examiner. Recently, Caico submitted a grant proposal to initiate a support group for sexually abused college students with SIGMA.

Caico is a peer-reviewer of two journals, published eight articles in peer-reviewed journals herself, and published a book. Her past positions include Nurse Manager of a Maternity and Gynecology Unit for 20 yrs. While there, she developed many programs, and published 2 peer-reviewed articles on the process of developing a “mother-baby unit.” She has also been a Psychotherapist since 1987.

Caico currently belongs to 11 professional organizations, and is active in the Medical Reserve Corp program.

Recent Projects/Research

  • July 2015 submitted a grant to SIGMA on initiating a support group for sexually abused college students (not Funded)
  • 2013 Submitted a HRSA grant with 2 colleagues and not funded
  • 2012 Submitted a grant on research on Sexually Risky Behavior in College-Age Students and conducted the research although not funded.


  • Caico,C. (2015) Sexually risky behavior in college students compared to risky behavior in older women. European Scientific Journal. 116,6,170-175
  • Caico, C.(2014) Sexually risky behavior in college-aged students. Open Journal of Preventative Medicine. 4,354-364
  • Caico, C.(2012) Life-long implication of MRSA: a case study. Journal on Nursing. 2,2,36-40
  • Caico, C. (2012) perimenopause/menopause support research program: a pilot study. Journal on Nursing. 2,1,26-31
  • Caico,C. (2011) Do perimenopausal or menopausal symptoms affect the marital or long term relationship. Journal of Research in Nursing. July 22, 2011 on line and 8,7,20-24 in print.

Honors and Awards

  • 2012 Office of Nassau County Executive (working in shelter during Sandy)
  • 2012 10-year recognition award by New York Tech President Guiliano
  • Nassau County Dept of Health (giving vaccines during H1N1 epidemic)
  • 2007 Standard of Excellence Award by Dean (New York Tech)

Courses Taught at New York Tech

  • NURS 410: Maternal/Child and Family Health didactic course
  • NURS 401: Maternal/Child and Family Health clinical course
  • NURS 430: Nursing Research and Evidence Based Practice
  • NURS 451: Psychiatric Clinical

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