Bisrat Kinfemichael earned his Ph.D. in Economics from Southern Illinois University, and his M.A. and B.A. in Economics from Addis Ababa University. Prior to joining New York Tech, he taught various economics courses at Bradley University, Southern Illinois University, and Addis Ababa University. Kinfemichael’s non-academic experience includes working as a marketing researcher for Population Services International, a Washington, D.C.-based global health organization, as well as working for Coca-Cola Sabco, a multinational company.


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Honors and Awards

  • Bernard Herald Co's Outstanding Faculty Contribution to Industry Engagement Award, 2020
  • Distinguished School of Management Faculty Scholarship Award, New York Institute of Technology, 2019

Courses Taught at New York Tech

  • ECON 101: Basic Economics
  • ECON 202: Principles of Economics I
  • ECON 204: Principles of Economics II
  • ECON 601: Managerial Economics for Decision Making
  • ECON 610: Macro Environment of Business
  • ECON 620: Microeconomic Industry Analysis

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