Andreas Theodoridis is a practicing architect-engineer and environmental technologist with a Ph.D. from the Center for Architecture Science and Ecology (CASE), a research center of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute based in New York City, and a research collaborator at the Yale Center for Architecture Ecosystems (CEA). He holds a Diploma in Architecture and Engineering from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece, and an M.S. in Sustainable Environmental Systems from Pratt Institute, where he was awarded the Green Infrastructure Fellowship and an award for outstanding merit. Theodoridis is the founder of United Atmospheres, an experimental design practice and consultancy based between New York and Athens.

His research is interdisciplinary, merging 25 years of experience in building construction and fabrication with applied research on building systems and environmental initiatives on an urban scale. His current work focuses on hybrid air phytoremediative modular ceramic systems for building envelopes, relative to questions of environmental inequality.

Theodoridis has taught at Syracuse University and Columbia University's Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation. He also lectured at the Syracuse Center for Excellence in Environmental and Energy Systems and served as a visiting researcher at the Cooper Union Institute for Sustainable Design. He is the recipient of awards and distinctions including the Humanities Graduate Fellowship at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, an honorable mention at the Architect's Newspaper Design Awards, the One Prize annual design and science award, as well as an honorable mention on the d3 Unbuilt Architectural Visions international competition.

His work has been exhibited and published in several architectural exhibitions and forums including the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Journal; Divergence in Architectural Research: ConCave, held at Georgia Tech; OFFRAMP Journal of the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc); the Venice Architecture Biennale; the Design Hub of Barcelona; the Oslo Architecture Triennale; the Le Lieu Unique Center for Contemporary Culture in France; the Istanbul Design Biennale; the Onassis Cultural Center in Greece; the Museum on the Seam in Israel; the Tallinn Architecture Biennale in Estonia; the University of Michigan; Princeton University; and the NYCx Design week, among other venues.

Recent Projects and Research

  • Metaphor Athens Design Architects' Gallery, Archisearch the Paper Edition Exhibition, Athens, Greece, an exhibition that displayed and celebrated the awarding of the architectural publication Archisearch the Paper Edition with the Red Dot Grand Prix, projects included in the editions, "Vessels of Life", "Green New York", "ΕΣΩ Conference Crossing Territories". (2022)
  • Tallinn Architecture Biennale; Edible; Or, The Architecture of Metabolism, Tallinn, Estonia, 6th International Architecture Exhibition, Estonian Museum of Architecture, Project exhibited: "Building Calories" part of the exhibition section "From Brick to Soil" Andreas Theodoridis & Christina Ciardullo, in collaboration with Anna Dyson, Alexandros Tsamis, Paul Mankiewicz, Phoebe Mankiewicz, Mohamed Aly-Etman, Naomi Keena, Ahu Ayodogan, Carla Leitao, Rhett Russo. (2022)
  • Oslo Architecture Triennale; The architecture of Degrowth, Oslo, Norway, 7th International Architecture Exhibition, The National Museum of Architecture, Project exhibited: 'Message in a Bottle'. (2019)
  • Second Lives: After Bottles, Troy – New York City, NY, USA, Fabrication coordinator and consultant to a project with a team of undergraduate architecture and engineering students at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute led by Lydia Kallipoliti in collaboration with Mohamed Alnaggar. It comprises an experimental shelter prototype structure assembled from interlocking plastic bottles that are intended for water supply in the event of natural catastrophe developed by Friendship Bottles LLC. (2018)
  • Chancellery of the Kuwait Embassy in Athens, Greece, 207x207architecture network was commissioned to design, deliver construction documents, supervise the gut renovation of a 10,000 square feet building, and develop a new skin covering the building and the surrounding landscape. The Kuwait Embassy project is completed. (2013)

Selected Publications and Presentations

  • Divergence in Architectural Research, Book of ConCave Ph.D. Symposium Divergence in Architectural Research Proceedings, "Towards a Bioremediation Building Envelope System for Improved Air Quality," Theodoridis A., Dyson A., Tsamis A., issued by the School of Architecture, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, USA. (2023)
  • ArchDaily, Online source of tools, inspiration, and architecture knowledge platform, "Building Calories: Moving Beyond Greenwashing to Investigate the Value of Living with Plants," (translated into three languages) Theodoridis A., Ciardullo C., Dyson A. (2022)
  • Edible; Or, The Architecture of Metabolism, Exhibition catalog, Catalog issued by the Tallinn Architecture Biennale, Presentation of the Project exhibited: "Building Calories" Theodoridis A. with Christina C. (2022)
  • Ambiguous Territory: Architecture, Landscape and the Postnatural, Book issued by Actar Publishers, Presentation of the Project "Air SHAKE," Theodoridis A. with Kallipoliti L. (2022)
  • American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) and Air Infiltration and Ventilation Centre (AIVC), Co-Organized Topical Conference Proceedings, (2_C52 pp. 1-12), "Evolving frameworks towards identifying challenges and opportunities of indoor vegetation systems", Ciardullo, C., Theodoridis, A.[*equal contribution first author], Mankeiwitz, P., Etman, M. A., & Dyson, A., IAQ 2020: Indoor Environmental Quality Performance Approaches – Transitioning from IAQ to IEQ, ASHRAE, Athens, Greece. (2022)

Professional Honors and Awards

  • Awarded an Honorable Mention for the "After Bottles; Second Lives" project from The Architect's Newspaper Best of Design Annual Awards under the Research Category (2018).
  • Achievement award from RPI, School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences Graduate Fellowship for the 2018–2020 academic years and Honored as a recipient of the Graduate Fellowship at Rensselaer's 25h Annual Honors Convocation. The Fellowship provided Full tuition for four semesters and a Stipend of $30,700 per year (total 178,300$) (2018).
  • Awarded the Faculty Graduate Recognition Award for Excellence in the Study of Architecture and General Academic Achievements by a Built Ecologies Ph.D. Student. Achievement award from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), School of Architecture (May 2016).
  • Awarded with a Merit Award for Outstanding Academic Performance from Pratt Institute. Graduation Award from the Program for Sustainable Planning and Development, School of Architecture (May 2014).

Courses Taught at New York Tech

  • ARCH 221 Building Construction,
  • ARCH 413 Architectural Simulation and Fabrication Optimization

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