Anand Santhanakrishnan’s current areas of research include a diverse range of topics like data analytics for dynamics of Wikipedia and social media, spectrum management and security in dynamic spectrum access networks and covert timing channels, biometrics and security in tele-robotics and molecular communications for engineering bacteria to cure cancer. He has experience in standardization of architecture and mobility management for the 4G-LTE wireless systems, where he represented Samsung Electronics in 3GPP and IEEE Standards meetings. He also represented Stevens Institute of Technology in the 1900.3A study group meetings on the standardization of security of cognitive radio devices.

He received his Ph.D. degree from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India, in 2004. His thesis on performance analysis of resource allocation schemes in cellular networks was awarded the best thesis in the Division of Electrical Sciences (including the Departments of Electrical Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering, Micro Electronics, Computer Science and System Sciences and Automation).  

Santhanakrishnan has over 10 granted patents in architecture, mobility management, and packet scheduling in wireless networks, some of which have also gone in as contributions to the LTE standards. He has over 40 publications in refereed international journals and conferences, in the area of social media analytics, security in wireless networks, resource management in wireless networks and dynamics of peer production projects. Over all he has 14 years of research experience in the industry as well as in academic environments.

Santhanakrishnan’s teaching interests and experience include Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes, Queuing Theory, Electromagnetic Theory, Multimedia Compression, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Discrete Mathematics, Information Theory, Optimization and Business Analysis (listed as Management Sciences) and Economics.