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Jul 29, 2010

High Speed Wireless Internet Access

The Manhattan Library has upgraded its wireless network to 802.11n.  With speeds up to 600 Mbps per access point, that's 6 times faster than the bandwidth of an 802.11a/g!

To log into the network you will need your NYIT e-mail username and password.  If you encounter any difficulties, simply visit Helpdesk Services for instructions regarding configuration (laptop, e-reader, etc.).

With the entire Manhattan campus coming online shortly, whether you are watching videos, completing coursework at NYIT Online, or speaking with family members and friends on Skype, Wi-Fi at NYIT just got a whole lot better...

Author: sebastien_marion

Jul 23, 2010

Opposing Viewpoints Reference Center

The library is conducting a 4 week trial of Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center.   Presented in a pro-and-con format, included are nearly 7,000 viewpoint articles covering topics ranging from abortion and terrorism, to renewable energy and the Middle East. 

If you believe the library should include this resource in its growing digital collection please take a moment and participate in the poll directly below. 

Author: sebastien_marion

May 19, 2010

Facebook, Privacy, and Your Next Job Interview

A word of caution -- the Internet never forgets.  Each of us carries a data shadow, whether on Facebook, Twitter, or in Google’s search index.  A good rule-of-thumb is do not post anything online that you do not want your mother to see.

A recent study showed that “77 percent of recruiters run searches of candidates on the Web to screen applicants; 35 percent of these same recruiters say they’ve eliminated a candidate based on the information they uncovered.”  This number has escalated in recent years.  Make no mistake, hiring managers will look at your online profile(s).  And so, a better rule-of-thumb is do not post information online that you do not want a future employer to see; the best advice being to shape, control and manage both how, and what you present online to the best of your abilities.

More recently a number of red flags have been raised regarding Facebook’s privacy policy.  If you would like to see how it has evolved the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) provides a nice summary, an excerpt of which appears below.

Facebook Privacy Policy circa 2005:
“No personal information that you submit to The Facebook will be available to any user of the Web Site who does not belong to at least one of the groups specified by you in your privacy settings.”

Current Facebook Privacy Policy, as of April 2010:
“When you connect with an application or website it will have access to General Information about you. The term General Information includes your and your friends’ names, profile pictures, gender, user IDs, connection, and any content shared using the Everyone privacy setting. … The default privacy setting for certain types of information you post on Facebook is set to “everyone.” … Because it takes two to connect, your privacy settings only control who can see the connection on your profile page. If you are uncomfortable with the connection being publicly available, you should consider removing (or not making) the connection.”

After graduating the World Wide Web will provide you with many opportunities to contact friends around the world, find people with similar interests, and grow intellectually.  These personal learning networks will even provide you with access to many of the leading thinkers of your time.  What information will you choose to keep public, or remain private?  How will you present yourself when I enter your name in Google, or the next application that has yet to be invented?

The library highly recommended that you fine-tune your Facebook privacy settings.  To learn how to do so watch this brief video:

Author: sebastien_marion

Apr 28, 2010

What is Bill Gates’ Favorite Online Course?

From a young boy learning how to make a fire using a bow drill set, to a master lecture on contemporary economics, more and more learning is taking place online - whether you are logged into NYIT’s online campus, or looking for videos on YouTube.  In fact, online learning in American higher education is growing at the phenomenal rate of 17% per year, 20% per year in U.S. public schools.  Now, if you are thinking that your children’s education will be different from that of your own you are probably on the right track...

Microsoft chairman Bill Gates has always been an advocate for educational reform, and is a great supporter of online learning.  Many have watched his presentations at TED. Now, thankfully, it's become much easier to tune into Mr. Gate's thoughts as a result of his new blog the Gates Notes.  And so, to answer our question, what in the world is Bill learning these days?

Bill's favorite educational series is called Big History, and the NYIT Library is pleased to make this available to our community.  Our new book acquisitions continue to grow with amazing titles like Make Electronics and Rebel without a Crew.   Along with Big History, three other new video series are now available at the circulation desk on the 2nd floor of the NYIT Manhattan Library.  Provided are over 300 hours of top-notch educational viewing:


Author: sebastien_marion

Apr 17, 2010

RefWorks – Bibliographies Made Easy

RefWorksThe library is very pleased to offer RefWorks to the NYIT community.

RefWorks allows students and faculty to create their own unique database of citations by importing references electronically, or entering them manually using a very simple template.  RefWorks generates bibliographies in all major styles (MLA, APA, etc), and provides links to full text articles available in NYIT’s growing digital library.

Why use RefWorks?

RefWorks can be used for your own personal scholarship.  It provides an ideal location to collect, store and retrieve citations corresponding with your academic research and personal interests. 

For faculty member, RefWorks can also be used to manage and provide information to your students.  For example, within RefWorks you can create folders based on classes, topics, or weekly readings.  This information can easily be plugged into Blackboard 9 – literally a three-click process!

The library will begin offering RefWorks training sessions, the first of which will be held on April 22, 2010, at the NYCOM I Auditorium.  Designed specifically for NYCOM & School of Health Professions faculty, staff & students, this session will cover everything from organizing references, to using RefMobile. See you there!


When: Thursday April 22, 2010
Attend either sessions:  1pm - 2:15pm, or 2:30pm - 3:45pm
Where: NYCOM I Auditorium

Logging in

  1. Begin by logging in to RefWorks at
  2. If prompted, the NYIT Group Code is RWNYITech.
  3. First time users must click “Sign up for an Individual Account”.

Author: sebastien_marion

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