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Jun 01, 2010


The month of May, the final frontier for some.... the beginning of a new crusade for others.  The pinnacle of our college education is commencement.  It is the national championship of education.  May contains the days when college students walk the stage to be acknowledged for a job well done.  While I sat back and basked in the glow of the spring day and watched the picturesque pageantry of another NYIT commencement evolve and unfold, I was also laden with sadness that three members of the NYIT family did not make it to commencement day. Two former student-athletes and a nephew of a staff member did not make it to the… More

Author: clyde_doughty

May 19, 2010

Facebook, Privacy, and Your Next Job Interview

A word of caution -- the Internet never forgets.  Each of us carries a data shadow, whether on Facebook, Twitter, or in Google’s search index.  A good rule-of-thumb is do not post anything online that you do not want your mother to see. A recent study showed that “77 percent of recruiters run searches of candidates on the Web to screen applicants; 35 percent of these same recruiters say they’ve eliminated a candidate based on the information they uncovered.”  This number has escalated in recent years.  Make no mistake, hiring managers will look at your online profile(s).  And so, a… More

Author: sebastien_marion

May 18, 2010

The Biggest Loser - An Inspiration?

According to many, the reality show, The Biggest Loser, inspires viewers to take similar life-changing action and thus embark on the road to wellness. We all know that losing even ten pounds can be a challenge and making regular exercise habitual is not easy. One must admire contestants whose goals are so much more lofty. and face a critical eye from both acquaintances and strangers across the country. As a nutritional professional, however, I can't help but cringe at some of the messages being sent. Full disclosure: I only watched the show once but it was an episode when a man lost… More

Author: mindy_haar

May 14, 2010

Are You Job Search Ready?

Are you job search ready? by Tom Denham A Great Blog.  Check it out! More

Author: amy_bravo

May 05, 2010

Sleep Duration and Diabetes - A Connection?

Can not getting enough sleep be a factor in the incidence of diabetes? In the last two decades sleep duration has been decreasing while Type 2 Diabetes is reaching epidemic levels. According to an article in Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism published online this month, Dutch researchers propose that this is not a coincidence. Cells need glucose, a byproduct of carbohydrate digestion. Insulin is needed to facilitate glucose entry into cells but in type 2 diabetes, The cells are resistant to its action. Poor food choices, obesity and lack of exercise along with genetic predisposition have all been linked… More

Author: mindy_haar

May 05, 2010

“Confidence: How to Develop It ” by Caren Sobier

I have seen a lot of very shy and reserved first year students come through my office. I see that many do not know how to approach someone in a professional setting. Some have difficulty starting up a simple conversation or are even afraid to look someone in the eye while having a conversation. Sometimes when students are new to a job and don’t know a lot of people, they may be afraid to be outgoing and seem too confident because they don’t want backlash from other coworkers. It's always a bit easier for people to come out of their… More

Author: amy_bravo

Apr 29, 2010

“Skin Fruit” at the New Museum

The Skin Fruit show at the New Museum, while filled with quite well-known (and expensive) art and artists, has been generally panned by art critics. Jeff Koons, the curator of the show, is an artist himself, and had not curated a well-known show before (one of Koons's own works from 1985, One Ball Total Equilibrium Tank, is on the second floor). He is also a much bigger art celebrity than anyone else in the show, having had solo shows at the Met, MoMA, and even Versailles. While Koons is still a huge name in the contemporary art world, he -… More

Author: bobby

Apr 28, 2010

What is Bill Gates’ Favorite Online Course?

From a young boy learning how to make a fire using a bow drill set, to a master lecture on contemporary economics, more and more learning is taking place online - whether you are logged into NYIT’s online campus, or looking for videos on YouTube.  In fact, online learning in American higher education is growing at the phenomenal rate of 17% per year, 20% per year in U.S. public schools.  Now, if you are thinking that your children’s education will be different from that of your own you are probably on the right track... Microsoft chairman Bill Gates has always… More

Author: sebastien_marion

Apr 22, 2010

How Can We Fulfill the Mission of Higher Education?

By Adrienne McNally A quick Internet search on college mission statements reveals a common thread among colleges’ purposes: civic engagement.  Institutions of higher education frequently identify that they would like their graduates to contribute positively to society, engage in public service, develop a sense of what it means to be a member of a community, and address problems in their state, nation, and world.  New York Institute of Technology is no different.  One of the main points of NYIT’s mission is to “support applications-oriented research that benefits the larger world.”  It can sometimes seem difficult to incorporate civic education into… More

Author: amy_bravo

Apr 19, 2010


As the Long Island rapper Rakim pronounced in one of his hit songs "its been a long time, I shouldn't have left you without a strong rhyme to step to", I have been scurrying around looking for the rhyme or reason of chemistry as it applies to athletics.  If you listen to coaches and athletic personnel speak about team performance you will most likely hear them talk about chemistry.  I have always found that term extremely interesting when discussing sports because as a student it is a subject that I wanted no part of; however, coaches speak of it as… More

Author: clyde_doughty

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