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Oct 19, 2011

Glogster and Audio Essays

Here’s a link to an online tool called “Glogster” ( ). I use this tool as part of a writing assignment that challenges students to find their writing voices through a “no-writing” writing assignment. The students must use heavy description and narration to pull this one off, because in this case, the audience will listen to (not read) the essay. Of course, all “drafts” are audio drafts, and they’re shared with others in the class—as listeners who provide audio feedback to their trio of writers. Once they’ve received audio feedback, they then must incorporate active listening (using their peers’ comments and… More

Author: francine_glazer

Oct 11, 2011

Using SafeAssign as a Teaching Tool

I honestly believe that most students who plagiarize do not do so deliberately or maliciously but because they don’t understand summarizing, paraphrasing, and documenting well enough to avoid it. I have found a way to improve students’ understanding. SafeAssign is a plagiarism detection program that is built into Blackboard (turn it on inCourse Tools). While many faculty use it as just a way to catch student plagiarizing, I use it as a teaching tool for students, as well. I use SafeAssign in both my face-to-face and online courses. First, I create a “SafeAssignment” in Blackboard (in a Content area, Evaluate-Create… More

Author: francine_glazer

Oct 05, 2011

On the Use and Abuse of Lecture

For over 500 years, lecture has been associated with teaching in higher education. The word itself derives from the Latin lectus and hints at the ancient and venerable origins of the practice. In the medieval university, texts were rare and beyond the economic reach of most students. Texts were therefore read aloud so that others could hear and take notes on them. In the renaissance universities, the practice no longer always involved reading aloud, but referred to an instructional discourse given publicly.  In nineteenth century America, orators like Ralph Waldo Emerson and William Jennings Bryan grafted rhetorical skills honed at the pulpit… More

Author: francine_glazer

Sep 28, 2011

Help Students Develop Paraphrasing Skills to Deter Plagiarism

Although many discussions of academic integrity and plagiarism focus on failures in ethical reasoning, student problems with good authorship practices are often motivated by weaknesses in reading comprehension or skill in writing paraphrases (e.g., Roig, 2007). Students frequently have problems paraphrasing ideas from primary sources because their understanding of the original work is weak. Sometimes these problems manifest as an over-reliance on quotations. The student who has difficulty paraphrasing might string together quoted material to create a paper and contribute few, if any, thoughts stated in the student’s own language. Some students may attempt to disguise their reliance on quoted… More

Author: francine_glazer

Sep 21, 2011

Developing Critical Thinking with Journal Writing

Sound critical thinking involves understanding points of view, evaluating positions, and then establishing a critical position. Understanding what is being said. The first stage involves understanding the statement, position, or truth claim on its own terms. Students should be encouraged to learn how to listen to ideas, examine views carefully, gather information, and understand the various points of view without yet judging the merits of the positions. This step involves a willingness to be open-minded and to understand what is being said, how it is being said, and why it is asserted. At this point, students should be taught how to… More

Author: francine_glazer

Sep 19, 2011

Improve Your Writing Today @ iTunes University

Who doesn't appreciate a good podcast?  Download 'Roy's Writing Tools' by Roy Peter Clark of The Poynter Institute.  Included are 50 free podcasts with an average listening time of 3 minutes, which cover everything from writer's block, to writing pace and structure. Also available for download is Roy's 2 page guide 'Quick 50 Writing Tools' [PDF], what Wired senior editor and the author of What Technology Wants, Kevin Kelly, refers to as his favorite guide to writing: "After 30 years as both a writer and editor I can't think of much I would add to these 50 short tips. This PDF… More

Author: sebastien_marion

Sep 14, 2011

To Post or Not to Post: What Are the Consequences of Posting PowerPoint Slides for Student Learning?

What evidence exists about the impact of giving students a handout of the power point slides before or during class? Do instructors who proved the slides as handouts free students from the multi-tasking associated with copying information from the slides and allow them to concentrate on listening to the presentation and class discussion? Or does having a copy of the slides encourage students to skip class, allow them to surf the web during class, or otherwise disengage? The study: Marsh and Sink (2010) examined the content of notes students took during classes in two different conditions—when they had an advance… More

Author: francine_glazer

Sep 13, 2011

Welcome Back!

  Welcome back! The 2011-2012 academic year is well under way and many of you have been finding your classes and getting to know your professors. You may have noticed big cosmetic changes to NYIT, we now occupy ALL of  26W 16st Street. The building now houses the School of Management, Career Services, the School of Education and Counseling and Wellness Center.    We just want to remind you that the Student Solutions Center is open to all students with questions regarding Financial Aid, Registration and Tuition questions. Please stop by to see us at 16W61st, First Floor. We look forward to seeing you this… More

Author: anna_ye

Sep 13, 2011

Research Hacker: Bookmarks for Success

The following is Part 1 of a 5 Part series.  The series guides you through the process of creating an academic researcher's Web browser toolbar by highlighting 5 outstanding resources available to NYIT. No. 5. NYIT Journal locator As publishers struggle to find a revenue model on the Internet, pay walls continue to rise.  You have probably been denied access to more than one website; sometime this can happen at a very important moment.  The NYIT Library negotiates contracts on your behalf.  As a result,  NYIT Bears have access to 1000s, yes 1000s, of subscription based publications for free. Even… More

Author: sebastien_marion

Sep 07, 2011

Engage Students in Your Course by Providing a Larger Context

  Students enroll in courses for many reasons, some intrinsic, some extrinsic. They might be curious about a topic or discipline. They might have heard positive comments about an instructor from other students. Or the course might be required, either for all majors in a discipline (or relateddiscipline) or as an option to meet a graduation requirement. Students who register for a course for intrinsic reasons arrive on the first day excited and motivated to engage in the course. Students who register primarily because a course satisfies a requirement might be resistant to engaging in the course. How can we… More

Author: francine_glazer

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