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Sep 13, 2011

Welcome Back!

  Welcome back! The 2011-2012 academic year is well under way and many of you have been finding your classes and getting to know your professors. You may have noticed big cosmetic changes to NYIT, we now occupy ALL of  26W 16st Street. The building now houses the School of Management, Career Services, the School of Education and Counseling and Wellness Center.    We just want to remind you that the Student Solutions Center is open to all students with questions regarding Financial Aid, Registration and Tuition questions. Please stop by to see us at 16W61st, First Floor. We look forward to seeing you this… More

Author: anna_ye

Sep 13, 2011

Research Hacker: Bookmarks for Success

The following is Part 1 of a 5 Part series.  The series guides you through the process of creating an academic researcher's Web browser toolbar by highlighting 5 outstanding resources available to NYIT. No. 5. NYIT Journal locator As publishers struggle to find a revenue model on the Internet, pay walls continue to rise.  You have probably been denied access to more than one website; sometime this can happen at a very important moment.  The NYIT Library negotiates contracts on your behalf.  As a result,  NYIT Bears have access to 1000s, yes 1000s, of subscription based publications for free. Even… More

Author: sebastien_marion

Sep 07, 2011

Engage Students in Your Course by Providing a Larger Context

  Students enroll in courses for many reasons, some intrinsic, some extrinsic. They might be curious about a topic or discipline. They might have heard positive comments about an instructor from other students. Or the course might be required, either for all majors in a discipline (or relateddiscipline) or as an option to meet a graduation requirement. Students who register for a course for intrinsic reasons arrive on the first day excited and motivated to engage in the course. Students who register primarily because a course satisfies a requirement might be resistant to engaging in the course. How can we… More

Author: francine_glazer

Sep 06, 2011

Welcome from the library

Welcome to another exciting year at NYIT!  Throughout the summer the libraries have been busy negotiating access to amazing new databases and ebooks.  Yes, you guessed correctly, all of this information is now free to you as members of the NYIT community. To stay plugged-in throughout the semester and learn about these new resources and others, follow us on Twitter, friend us on Facebook, or simply read our blog. Over the course of the coming weeks and months, you will learn how to use the digital library from anywhere in the world, how to log-in to the NYIT wireless network,… More

Author: sebastien_marion

Aug 11, 2011

Introduction: Co-Director CSC, Head Resident Advisor and School Counseling Intern, Rick Bonacorsi

NYIT has given me an incredible opportunity to grow professionally.  My newest endeavor here at NYIT will be Co-Directing the Community Service Center (CSC) in Manhattan with Charles Seymour and Brilynn Fields.  Charles is in Manhattan with me, and Brilynn is working out of the Old Westbury campus. The community service center was founded in large part by the Director of Experiential Education, Amy Bravo.  It has exceeded the lofty expectations that Amy set forth its first year.  Thanks goes out to the CSC staff over the past year.  I am looking forward to working with such an incredible and… More

Author: rick_bonacorsi

May 16, 2011

NYIT Community Service Centers - 8 months later…

NYIT opened a student-run Community Service Center on each campus in September 2010 with the intention of getting NYIT students more civically engaged.  Here's a snapshot of how well they've captured student engagement.   By the numbers: CSC OW/MA Combined  September 2010 – April 2011 Students reporting volunteer placements: 774 International student volunteers: 24 Hours volunteered: 6,613 Volunteer positions posted on Career Net: 96 Students on the community service listserv: 445 Reported monies fundraised: $68,526.00 Clubs/Orgs/Athletics reporting service/fundraising projects: 77 External community partners contacted: 160 Students who wrote to elected officials:140   Fundraising Broken Down by Cause – MA=Manhattan Campus… More

Author: amy_bravo

May 09, 2011

Weekly Teaching Notes: 2010-2011 index

  Below is a list of all the Weekly Teaching Notes from the 2010-2011 academic year, with direct links to each one. If you’d like to explore any of these topics in more detail, please contact Fran Glazer at the Center for Teaching and Learning.     Starting the semester:   Semester Beginnings   Setting the Tone for Your Class: Guiding Students Toward Effective Study Strategies   Newsletter Format for a Course Syllabus   Encouraging Student Attendance     Course design:   Balancing Flexibility and Fairness through Course Design   How Experts Differ From Novices… More

Author: francine_glazer

May 04, 2011

Recall, Summarize, Question, Connect, Comment (RSQC2)

As the semester nears its end, it’s useful to have the students review what they’ve learned as a way to help them integrate all the topics. It’s also useful to us to gather information on which parts of the course might require revision over the summer. Here’s an activity that you can use for both these purposes. It can be completed in or out of class and can be a great way to generate discussion in an online or blended course.   Introduction: This activity will help you look back over the semester, reflect on the course, identify the four… More

Author: francine_glazer

May 02, 2011

Secrets to Studying

  As our campus prepares for finals, I’d like to share some ‘secrets’ to studying. Here are some simple reminders to avoid anxiety and stress before we break for the summer. 1.       1. Do not procrastinate. Study a little bit every day until you’ve mastered the material. The more time you spend the higher grade you will get. 2.       2. Take breaks. Spend time exercising for an hour or going out for a snack/lunch/dinner. You will feel better taking small breaks. 3.       3. Don’t for get to eat. Especially on the day of your test. Eat a good breakfast/lunch… More

Author: anna_ye

Apr 27, 2011

New Ask a Librarian Launches

The new and improved Ask a Librarian service is now available 24/7 for all NYIT community members. This service builds a keyword-searchable knowledge base made up of questions and answers. Search engine users can plug in their questions to get immediate answers. Questions can be submitted through multiple channels. To submit a question, do one of the following: Click the Ask a Librarian link on the library's homepage Send a text message to 516.324.2928 Tweet your question to @nyitlibrary E-mail We also look great on mobile! More

Author: sebastien_marion

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