Where Have You Been

Sep 04 2010

The blog is back.  Where I have been is a question for NCIS and my lawyer.  Remember I am guilty while the courts sort out my case.  Summer is gone and Dr. G has officially opened up NYIT with another convocation.  Exciting times for NYIT and I am blessed to still be around for the show.  OW campus improvements are simply amazing.....nice job and great touch. 

It has been a long short summer.  No down time, a plethora of positive advancements, untimely deaths in my immediate and work family but life's clock continues to tick and that means "you have to get busy living or get busy dying".  Well folks, living is what we do and thus we are off to explore our goals with eyes shut wide open.  I have no idea what that means but when you find out let me know, LOL.  Hey, I was chatting with a female co-worker just recently.  We were having this conversation about guys and there a better topic....sports perhaps! ANYWHO, she said something that I haven't heard before and I found it to be a significant statement, so much, I am stealing it. "Men love with their eyes and women with their ears".  That is some powerful stuff.  What is actually says is, we men be shallow, BUT, if you live long enough, you begin to realize you can't believe in everything you see and must listen before you walk in the mine field of disaster.  Even my old butt gets it now because twenty years ago I would have put up a hissy fit over that statement and would have responded that was some old estrogen BS, but she's right.  Moral, live long enough with your eyes shut wide open and you might learn something.

Pre-season training is over and we leap into the 2010-11 athletic season with high hopes and determination.  Tennis is back at the Institute. I look forward to seeing us get out there on the courts and doing the "Arthur Smash". We had our first scrimmage this week, not bad, not great....good ice breaker for the ladies.  They were nervous but if you are worth your weight as an athlete nerves are part of the game, however; after the first backhand it all business and nervousness is out and focus is in!  Volley took the trolley to Jersey (you from Jersey, I'm from Jersey) and got on the smooth track taking their opener from Georgian Court in three.  Big win because GC has wiped up on us the past two years.  The blond captain (Coach Wasmus) has her ship back in the water, hoping to avoid those fall hurricanes and looking for smooth sailing back to the NCAA playoffs.    Women's soccer still trying to figure it out while Delcid and the men of futbol are determined to win, win, win. Cross country has a new boss, Fred "the grasshopper" Benlein.  He has the team hopping about ready to tackle the hills and valleys of the x-country terrain.

Well, as Shelly Schneider always says as he leaves my office, 'can't make no money here", so on that note, Cool Mac is out.  Remember peace is always in never out.  Lastly, you are all you got.  In order to do the things in life that are important for growth and maturation, you must take care of yourself physically, mental and spiritually.  For each of us that application is very different but in the end, not matter how you manage it, it is all the same.  It can not be and must not be a narcissistic selfish approach but rather a way to affect positive change.  If I am not happy how in the blue blazes can I make you happy, thus I Love I and You!  Say it three times before you go to bed and you will wake up with a smile on your face.  Make today a good one so tomorrow is a better one....I'm Out!


Author: clyde_doughty