Weekly Teaching Notes: 2012-2013 Index

May 08 2013

I've enjoyed the conversations I've had with many of you this year, as you responded to me – in person or in email – about a particular idea. Below is a list of all the Weekly Teaching Notes from the 2012-2013 academic year, with direct links to each one. Weekly Teaching Notes will break for the summer and resume again in the fall.

At the Center for Teaching and Learning, we are here throughout the summer and are eager to assist you with your teaching, course design or redesign, scholarly writing, and preparing your reappointment/tenure/promotion portfolios. (All consultations are voluntary and confidential.) To make an appointment with us, please email Jea Ahn (instructional Designer, Old Westbury) at, Olena Zhadko (instructional designer, Manhattan) at, or me at We will be delighted to work with you!


Starting the Semester

Course Countdown

Strategies for Learning Students’ Names

The Graphic Syllabus

Using the Course Syllabus as an Opportunity to Promote Student Learning


Course Design  

21st Century Literacies

With the Community, Not Just In It

Got a Minute for my Worldview?

The Past is Always With Us

Developing Student Reading Capacity

Learning from Conflict in the Classroom

Putting Students in the Driver’s Seat

A Primer on Critical Thinking


Engaging Your Students

Student Engagement Technique: Silent Discussion

Use PowerPoint to Prompt Engaging Learning Activities during Class


Effective Feedback

Effective Feedback

Low-Tech Classroom Response Systems (Clickers)

Did You Just Tell Us to Take Out our Cell Phones?

PollEverywhere, Redux


Educational Technologies

Beyond Four Walls: Leveraging Technology for Learning

Online Collaboration Through Evernote: A New Group Format

Blackboard 101

Consider the Learning Space



Gamification as Motivator

The Crossword Puzzle as Threshold to Higher Order Thinking

Not Just Fun and Games! Structure Class Demonstrations to Reinforce Learning Goals 



How Do We Address Plagiarism?

NYIT Faculty Talk About Plagiarism


Ending the Semester

Holistic Conversations about a Course: Activity for the Last Week of the Semester


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