The Power Of Sleep

Oct 17 2012

As midterms are soon approaching, I am reminded how sleep deprived I felt when I was a college student during exam time.  Health officials are realizing that healthy sleep habits are a potential cure for what ails the typically frazzled college student:   Some studies have found that students getting adequate sleep average a full letter grade higher than their sleep deprived peers.

So, how can we all get a good night’s rest?  Here are some tips that are bound to help:

Exercise Regularly – but not after the early evening.  Avoid caffeine after 3pm.  Try to avoid late-night eating and alcohol, but don’t go to bed hungry either.

Don’t use electronics – laptops, tablets,  smartphones, etc – late at night.  They stimulate your brain and the screen is comparable to a morning walk in the sun.

Make your bed a place just to sleep – Try not to study, watch TV or do anything else there.

If you have early classes – on some days, try not to sleep in on the others.

Try to avoid naps – and if you do nap, nap before 3pm and for no more than 20 minutes.

Set your alarm clock – but for the evening, at a reasonable bedtime.  That way you are less likely to need it in the morning.

Remember, now is a good time to evaluate how you are doing in your classes.  As a reminder, here are some academic resources available for all NYIT students.  Tutoring at the Learning Center is available in either group or individual sessions for a variety of subjects.  The Writing Center and Math Center are staffed by faculty and provide free assistance for all types of writing assignments and help with all math courses including exam preparation.  NYIT also provides free online tutoring to students via Brainfuse.  This is a convenient way to access expert help at any hour from any computer with internet access.  For additional information regarding academic support services please log onto or contact your Student Solutions Manager at 516-686-7878.

Author: susan_hershkowitz