Seven Deadly Sins

Sep 26 2010

I was sitting in my office working at the computer one day last week while " office interrupt-us"  was talking about this and that but mostly about everything and anything that came to his mind.  Office interrupt-us is our beloved recreation supervisor Shelly Schneider.  He is the great story teller and the bearer of infinite wisdom.  He is known as office interrupt-us because as soon as he appears the conversation is always stimulating but the production drops faster than the Dow Jones.  On this particular day he was talking about a sports issue (are there any other issues, lol) when he mentioned the Seven Deadly Sins. Woooo, switch screens and hit Google.  You always hear folks talking about these sins but I, for one, didn't really know what they were.  I was a bit surprised to discover that the sins are what coaches have been telling me throughout my playing career and what I hear every time I listen to a coach talk about their team and themselves.

Pride, Greed, Lust, Wrath, Gluttony, Envy, and Sloth!  I don't know much but these are the traits that I read about on the back pages of Newsday or on the Yahoo news page everyday.

Pride; the MOST serious of the deadly sins!  A desire to be more important or attractive than others; failing to acknowledge the good work of others and excessive love of self.  OMG, that is all I heard from my coaches everyday, have pride in yourself, be proud, hold your head up high, blah, blah, blah!  

Greed; very excessive desire and pursuit of wealth, status and power.  Were #1 and it isn't  fun if we aren't so go play in your own sandbox because we own this one.

Lust; excessive thoughts or desires of a sexual nature.  I'm in training and I have no desire for the sex........ except when i am hanging with the man of steel, Big Ben, tick tock, I'm not giving up my glass slipper while there is still time on the clock.... the roof is on fire!

Wrath; anger or rage.  An inordinate and uncontrolled feeling of hatred and fury.  We are all in the this together until the Sox's take on the Yanks or the Jets land in Foxboro, or better yet, the battle of Northern Boulevard then it is all about the wrath!  The enemy.... please.

Gluttony; over indulgence and an over consumption of anything to the potential of waste.  I have a home on each coast and one on every continent with eight six cars at each location, btw, do you where is the bankruptcy office located.

Envy; insatiable desire. A sense that another person has something they perceive themselves as lacking, and wish the other person to be deprived of it. Well, I don't know what the big deal is, so he has five championship rings, he still ain't #$%&!  Pass me another Bud baby.

Sloth; the failure to utilize one's talents and gifts.  Pot...en...tial, POOOOOOTential! i could have been a star if I didn't have too much pride, or let greed get in my way, or didn't lustfully chase the ladies around, or if I could have kept my wrath in check and let calmer heads prevail, of not be of a gluttony nature and be a bit more thrifty, and finally not  if I was not envious of others and worried about the De la Soul, me myself and I. 








Author: clyde_doughty