NYIT Community Service Centers - 8 months later…

May 16 2011

NYIT opened a student-run Community Service Center on each campus in September 2010 with the intention of getting NYIT students more civically engaged.  Here's a snapshot of how well they've captured student engagement.
By the numbers: CSC OW/MA Combined  September 2010 – April 2011
Students reporting volunteer placements: 774
International student volunteers: 24
Hours volunteered: 6,613
Volunteer positions posted on Career Net: 96
Students on the community service listserv: 445
Reported monies fundraised: $68,526.00
Clubs/Orgs/Athletics reporting service/fundraising projects: 77
External community partners contacted: 160
Students who wrote to elected officials:140
Fundraising Broken Down by Cause
MA=Manhattan Campus / OW = Old Westbury Campus
The Arts/Music:
MA - Volunteer hours: 60 (museum/gallery/theatre)
Money fundraised: $75 (New Music Project)
87 attendees for Battle of the Bands (13 volunteers)
OW – ARTS - 9.5 volunteer hours
MA - Money fundraised: $80
17 signatures collected in support of Autism research
69 volunteer hours
47 signatures supporting research funding
MA - Money raised: $42,560 (Relay for Life, Breast Cancer Walk, St. Baldrick’s, GLC Dance-a-thon – 70 attendees)
Volunteer Hours – Cancer: 280
Volunteer Hours – Illnesses (cystic fibrosis and cerebral palsy organizations): 120
OW - CANCER (not including Relay for Life) - $630
242 volunteer hours
50 signatures on petition to support funding for mammograms
5 athletic events promoting cancer awareness with over 400 community members attending

AIDS - $340.00
45 volunteer hours
35 students signed letter funding AIDS research
Children/Toy Drive:
MA- Money fundraised: $200 (Ronald McDonald)
Volunteer hours: 131 (UNICEF and Ronald McDonald)
300 toys were collected through the Covenant House Toy Drive
OW – CHILDREN - $23.00
511 volunteer hours
1 community event with 35 attendees
Civic Engagement:
MA -Volunteer hours: 96 (12 volunteers rallied for Janelle Hyer on election day)
16 attendees for Jimmy McMillan guest speaker event
3 attendees for CSC civic engagement seminar on policy research
Disaster Relief:
MA- Money fundraised: $16,530 (We are One and Origami Cranes 256 @ $2 apiece)
9 attendees of Professor Stanley Greenwald’s discussion on Nuclear Crisis in Japan (1st installment of Campus Conversations)
OW -
124 volunteer hours - 1 roundtable
BLOOD DRIVES - 112 volunteer hours
MA -2 Ipods for Music and Memory
Volunteer hours: 40 (Park Terrace Care Center)
OW – ELDERLY - 3 iPods for Music and Memory
MA -Volunteer hours: 2 (Rainforest Alliance)
OW- COMMUNITY CLEAN UP - 3 volunteer hours
GLOBAL - $910.00
484 volunteer hours
30 signatures for global water issue
MA -Volunteer hours: 83 (St. John’s Bread and Life)
OW - CLOTHING/HUNGER - 205 volunteer hours - various drives
MA -Volunteer hours: 47 (Islamic Society of Bay Ridge)
Women’s Issues
MA- Volunteer hours: 20  (Women for Afghan Women)
The Community Service Centers not only seek volunteer opportunities for NYIT students in the local community, they capture campus wide data from clubs, organizations and athletics to showcase how involved NYIT is in our local and global communities.  The Centers also encourage students to communicate.  They run Chat Partner Programs for non-native English speakers to practice conversational English with domestic students.  They run Campus Conversations on critical global issues where faculty contribute their knowledge in relaxed settings where students can express concerns and ask questions.  They help students find their political voices by showing them how to contact elected officials and they invite our students to register to vote in campus, local and national elections.  The Centers have done an exceptional job in promoting NYIT's involvement and in providing additional opportunities for students, faculty and staff to help address public problems.  To learn more, visit

Author: amy_bravo