Updates - NYIT Office of the President
Celebrating the Class of 2004 at NYIT’s Jordan Center
Jul 01 2004
Your Royal Highness Princess Alia Al Faisal, President Owais, Ladies and gentlemen—members of the NYIT class of 2004 from Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, your families and friends, faculty and staff, distinguished guests: Greetings, and thank you for being with us on this joyous day.
Commencement 2004: A Salute to the Graduates
May 23 2004
Good morning…and it is a wonderful, emotional and joyous one for all of us.
Salute to Jiangxi University
Oct 02 2003
Distinguished guests, friends and colleagues, President Shi. Greetings and congratulations on JUFE’s 80th birthday.
A Smaller World with a Global Digital Economy: Address to the Class of 2003 at NYIT’s Jordan Center
Jun 21 2003
Ladies and gentlemen—members of the graduating class of 2003—faculty, staff, family, friends and distinguished guests: Greetings. It is a wonderful, joyous day, and I am both fortunate and proud to have this opportunity to stand before you and congratulate the graduates and their families.
Commencement 2003: A Bridge to Tomorrow
May 18 2003
Ladies and Gentlemen—members of the graduating class of 2003—members of the board of trustees, governors, faculty, staff, family, friends and distinguished guests: Good morning. What a rich, rewarding and joyous day for all of us.
NYIT Campus Security
Mar 23 2003
In this time of heightened global tensions and conflict, I would like to assure you that measures have been taken on all NYIT campuses to ensure the safety of NYIT students, faculty and staff.
Higher Education 2002: A Commencement Address
Jun 23 2002
The commencement address is one of America’s and indeed the academy’s sacred traditions.
A Time of Beginning
May 19 2002
Good morning…what a rich, emotional and joyous day for all of us.
The Polytechnic Institute of Technology of the Future
Nov 03 2001
My charge is clear: I am to peer over the next 40 minutes or so into some virtual 21st century crystal ball and share the truths about the future of colleges and universities in a time of global transformation and an information revolution.
Biography of Dr. Edward Guiliano
Oct 22 2001
Appointed president in 2000, Dr. Edward Guiliano is credited with leading the transformation of NYIT from a local college into a regional institution with a recognizable national, global and digital brand.
The Promise of Change in a Reconfigured World
May 20 2001
Good morning…what a rich, emotional and joyous one for all of us.
A Message From President Guiliano to Alumni - Spring 2001
May 01 2001
Not The College You Remember? -- You're right. The college you attended in the '60s, '70s, '80s or '90s is not today's NYIT and so not the one you remember. We're better, for one thing, and we hope that pleases you.
Technology, Globalization and the Promise of American Education
Apr 01 2001
Good evening and thank you for inviting me to speak with you about technology, globalization and the changing face of education; indeed, about the promise that in some respects American higher education presents.
President’s Welcome to Students - Spring 2001
Mar 01 2001
Greetings and welcome to spring 2001 semester at New York Institute of Technology.
A Message From President Guiliano to Alumni - Winter 2001
Jan 01 2001
Season's greetings from someone who is new to the NYIT presidency, but not at all new to NYIT. I
The Idea of this University: NYIT Coming of Age in the 21st Century
Sep 26 2000
Ladies and gentlemen—members of the Board of Trustees, alumni, faculty, staff, students and distinguished guests—good afternoon.
New Year, New Beginnings
Sep 01 2000
We’re excited to start a new academic year. And this is a special year at the New York Institute of Technology, a time of maturation, transition and increased expectation.
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