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I-to-I Summer Program

The I-to-I (Introduction to Independence) Summer Program was created by educators who understand the necessity for a healthy and well-planned transition into the world after a young adult's secondary education. The goal of the program is to maximize movement toward independence by creating a reasonable "loosening of the reins" in an environment that rewards responsibility, involvement, and decision making.

I-to-I is a five-week residential summer experience that includes all the skill-building and experiential learning associated with VIP. It is offered to students who are 17 or older, and are either interested in VIP academic year programming or are in-between years at VIP. Students can enjoy various social/recreational opportunities, participate in the VIP curriculum, and are fully integrated in NYIT campus/residential life.

During the summer, students will build foundational and global employment skills. Pre-employment skill building and employment exploration are the emphasis. Students will have hands-on visits at a variety of work sites, will meet with a range of employers to hear about what they are looking for in an employee, and will meet with NYIT faculty and staff to explore several work environments.

For more information, please contact VIP Admissions at vipadmissions@nyit.edu or 631.348.3139.

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