Student and professor talking and pointing to a computer monitor.

Associate Degree Support Program

The Associate Degree Support Program provides qualified students the opportunity to earn an NYIT associate degree. The coursework is stretched to three years (as opposed to the traditional two), and students receive support traditionally offered within our Transition to Independence program.

In lieu of employment training/experience, students have the option of pursuing an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in either Communication Arts or Business Administration. VIP support is provided in the form of a credit course coordinator, academic advisor, social coach and, if needed, an independent living skills coach. Students also participate in VIP residential life and social/recreational opportunities.

For acceptance into the Associate Degree Support Program, students must apply and be accepted to both the NYIT AAS program and to the Vocational independence Program. Students will take between 9–12 credits per semester at the NYIT-Long Island Campus. Prospective students should also review the first-year application process.