Students First

Students First is a multi-departmental initiative launched in 2020 to provide students with information, resources, and engagement tools to help them thrive academically, socially, and personally.

Stories of Perseverance

In this video series, five New York Tech students connect with someone who inspired them by persevering and finding ways to thrive during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Emily and Anastasia
Communications arts student Emily Peacock chats with Anastasia Carr, a childhood friend who graduated and completed a successful job search during the COVID pandemic. They discuss the importance of friendship, self reflection, and a positive attitude when facing adversity.

Kamille and Daysi
Psychology major Kamille Williams speaks with fellow student Daysi Fuentes about adjustments they've made in their living and learning environments, ways they've connected and coped with loss, and the importance of friends and family.

Brendan and Ambika
Brendan Smoller, a student in the digital TV and film production program, talks with Ambika Siddabathula, a life sciences major at New York Tech, about mental health, "constructive escapism," and a book that she wrote during quarantine that encourages young women to embrace their culture.

Yaling and Lulu
Occupational students Yaling Chen and Lulu share ways they've coped with challenges during the pandemic as well as the importance of time management and living a healthy lifestyle mentally and physically.

Alfonso and Assistant Professor John Misak
Mechanical engineering student Alfonso Dehesa Baeza and Assistant Professor John Misak discuss the challenges of virtual teaching and learning. Misak talks about video games, AR, and VR to bring 16th-century Shakespearean literature into the modern age. He's been using video games in the classroom for years, but recently he’s taken his approach a step further—he’s now creating one: Perchance: An AR Hamlet Mystery.

Campus Conversations

In the summer of 2020, Students First worked with student interviewers and campus administration on a number of videos to help inform students about what to expect in fall 2020.

Watch videos produced by students for students, featuring campus administration and experts in the fields of health and wellness, campus design and planning, technology, and more.

Dispelling Myths About Covid

  1. How does COVID-19 spread and how can we prevent it? What are the testing and treatment options?
  2. Find out how New York Tech is working to protect students and members of the community
  3. Key Takeaways

Getting To An On-Campus Experience

  1. Procedures and facility changes at the Long Island and New York City campuses due to COVDID-19
  2. Outline of the university’s four-step “LEAD” plan, detailing the strategy for reopening campuses for the fall semester
  3. Key Takeaways

Overall Health and Nutrition to Boost Immunity

  1. Boosting our immune system and brain health through nutrition.
  2. Important vitamins, nutrients, and exercises to prevent COVID-19 and other diseases or to minimize its impacts.
  3. Key Takeaways

The Student Experience

  1. Updates and plans for housing in Long Island and New York City
  2. What to expect in student life for the fall semester
  3. Preparing for classes for the fall

Emotional/Mental Health and Wellbeing

  1. How to reduce anxiety and cope with stress
  2. Counseling and accessibility services available to students
  3. Bear Package: Student resources to deal with COVID-19

Fall Technology Preparations

  1. Investments to improve technology for teaching and learning
  2. Transition from Blackboard to Canvas and remote/online classes
  3. Technology recommendations and tips and tricks for students to be successful this fall

Fall Academic Plans with the Deans

  1. Get an overview of plans for Architecture & Design, Arts & Sciences, Engineering & Computing Sciences, and Management
  2. Find out how fall classes will be offered online and/or in-person and how to meet with faculty
  3. Get advice on how to have a successful semester