NYIT Auditorium on Broadway

The NYIT Auditorium on Broadway (NYIT-AOB) exists within the Office of Strategic Communications and External Affairs (SCEA). We aim to deliver consistently excellent customer service and execute all events professionally and to the best of our staff’s ability.

If you are not a New York Institute of Technology community member (faculty, staff, student) and you’d like to hold an event at the NYIT-AOB, please fill out our online request form or call 646.273.6100. If you are a member of the New York Tech community, please follow this process:

Reservation Request (at least 4 weeks prior to your events)

  • After choosing an event date, make a reservation with NYIT-AOB Staff by submitting a Reservation Request Form via email to aob@nyit.edu or fax to 212.261.1780.
  • Once the Reservation Request Form is received, we will check availability and respond within 48 hours.
  • If the space is not available, a staff member will contact you with other date options.
  • If the space is available, the venue will be placed on a tentative hold.


A member of our team will:

  • Initiate a discussion of elements such as logistics, event theme, target constituencies, and time.
  • Determine level of New York Tech involvement, return on investment, applicable subsidy, and corresponding rental rate.
  • Determine how much event support you will require.
  • Determine if additional university stakeholders should become involved in planning/implementation.
  • Outline roles and responsibilities/determine point(s) of client contact for event coordination.
  • Determine what, if any, additional approvals or notifications are necessary in order to proceed.
  • Summarize details from above discussion(s) in an Internal Event Contract.
  • If SCEA's events staff are not serving as your project management team, we will introduce you to staff members and external vendors as needed to support various collateral, promotional, and public relations efforts.

Support by SCEA depends on sufficient lead time provided by client.


  • Client reviews, signs, and returns Internal Event Contract to NYIT-AOB via fax at 212.261.1585 or via email to aob@nyit.edu.
  • If you are redeeming a complimentary use, the subsidy portion including the vice president or academic dean’s signature of approval must be provided. (If this portion of the contract is not completed and approved, the applicable internal rental fee will apply.)
  • The Internal Event Contract must include a proper university internal accounting code if chargeback is applicable, or event will not be confirmed.
  • NYIT-AOB is on a tentative hold until the Internal Event Contract is signed by the client and NYIT-AOB. (Date will be held for 10 business days. If approved and signed contract is not received within 10 business days, client will be notified and date may be released. Should another party inquire about the held date, client will be notified and given first right of refusal. Should the client not be able to secure necessary approvals, date will be released to revenue-generating opportunity.)

Event Planning

After the contract is signed, we will work with you to:

  • Detail action items and next steps in a follow-up email that identifies the main NYIT-AOB point(s) of contact for ongoing logistical and audiovisual client coordination as appropriate.
  • Create/determine: event itinerary and flow, production elements, audio-visual (AV) requirements, décor, signage, staffing, registration, etc.
  • Conduct a walkthrough of the space for your event (including New York Tech AV representative if possible).

Event Preparation (1–2 weeks prior to event through day of event)

Leading up to your event, our team will:

  • Confirm all event details and send event specifications to stakeholders and venue support staff.
  • Hold production meeting/conduct final walkthrough if needed.
  • Interface with stakeholders to ensure all components are completed.
  • Send final status email to stakeholders 1-2 days prior to event.

Event Execution

On the day of your event, we will:

  • Confirm all vendor deliveries in writing (incl. food and beverage, etc.) so that access is coordinated.
  • Be present onsite to ensure event goes smoothly (the duration of onsite supervision and role will vary).

Post-event Feedback:

To ensure that your event produced the desired outcomes, we work with you to:

  • Send post-event follow-up/thank you correspondence (including requests for input and feedback).
  • Get feedback with front-of-house and back-of-house teams in order to learn from successes and mistakes.