Filming on Campus

Shooting Photos or Video on NYIT Campuses

Media Film Crews

If you plan to take video on an NYIT campus or interview a faculty member or student in person, you must contact the Office of Strategic Communications and External Affairs (SCEA) public relations team. No film crews or reporters will be allowed to film on campus without permission of NYIT and may be escorted off campus by a member of our security team. After you’ve connected with the media relations team, a member of the SCEA staff will alert our security team of your plans, and meet and escort you and your associates, including film crews, and photographers, while on campus.

Commercial Film Crews

NYIT’s campuses have been the backdrop for movies such as Arthur and Three Days of the Condor, and TV shows including Gossip Girl and Four Weddings. To find out more about rental fees, insurance requirements, security arrangements, and bookings, please call 516.686.7855.

Any use of still or video photography filmed on campus for commercial profit or distribution must be reviewed and approved in advance by SCEA. Please note: The use of still or video images from the campus for advocacy of political positions or candidacies is strictly prohibited.

Private Parties Wishing to Shoot Video or Photography on an NYIT Campus

Still or video photography filmed on campus for personal use by non-NYIT community members must be approved in advance by SCEA's public relations team. Once this is approved, SCEA will inform NYIT Security of the time, date, and location of the shoot. Those without pre-approval may be asked to leave campus by NYIT Security.

Please note: This policy does include photography or videos taken at NYIT-sponsored events, where guests are encouraged to take photos and/or video.