Outstanding Staff Award

Recognizes a staff member whose contributions have positively impacted their division or department and the institution. The recipient demonstrates passion and dedication for his/her work and while making an impact on the institution.

Eligibility: All full-time staff members who have been at New York Tech for at least 18 months.

Nomination Guidelines

Nominations should consist of a 250-word narrative about how the nominee meets the criteria for a specific award. The Presidential Excellence Awards Committee will review these initial submissions and invite the strongest nominees to complete a follow-up application with more detail as specified in the award criteria, including evidence of improved learning, satisfaction, teaching, student engagement, and/or research results.

Judging Criteria

  • Outstanding service to department, above and beyond daily responsibilities
  • Documentation of the impact on New York Tech as an institution
  • Actions taken to demonstrate passion and dedication to their work

Previous Presidential Excellence Award winners are not eligible for a period of three years.

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