NYIT Response to U.S. Travel Ban

January 30, 2017

To the NYIT community:

As a global university, we remain committed to the rich exchange of ideas and cultures that flourishes on NYIT’s campuses throughout the world. The Presidential Executive Order signed on January 27 will impact higher education throughout the United States. I would like to assure our global community that the safety and well-being of NYIT students and faculty and staff members worldwide is our top priority. We fully support the rights of everyone to pursue their academic and scholarly goals in the U.S. and abroad.

At this time, we recommend that anyone from the countries included in the Executive Order who are considering travel outside the United States, if possible, postpone their travels or consult with an immigration attorney. Based on our assessment, no one within the NYIT community has directly been impacted by the ban, and we are in contact with students and faculty and staff members who we believe could be affected by the Executive Order. Our Office of International Education is available for anyone in need of assistance (oie@nyit.edu or 516.686.7585 or 212.261.1514), and the Office of Counseling and Wellness (516.686.7976 or 212.261.1770) is available to all members of the NYIT community who may be feeling stress or concern about recent events.

A global university like NYIT continues to grow stronger because of our commitment to our students and faculty and staff members around the world.

While this situation remains fluid, we will keep you informed of any new information.